Can I Retire Yet? Website Review

This is probably a question you’re already familiar with. That wondering of when you can finally retire and focus on living for yourself instead of working for a job and career.

This week, we’re doing something a little different and highlighting an entire website for our media –!

Led by Darrow Kirkpatrick, who retired at 50, and Chris Mamula, who retired from his personal training career at 41, they help their website browsers to know how to answer that age-old question and to achieve financial independence. The true bonus to their expertise is that both Kirkpatrick and Mamula have actually done the thing – retired early. It’s not wishful thinking or future plans, but exactly how they did it for themselves that they’re sharing with others.

Their mission is to help you focus on your personal finances and to aid anyone who’s thinking about retirement – no matter what age they’d like to retire. They share realistic, practical, and actional ideas to help you progress towards your financial goals sooner.

Now, if you’d prefer to read in a more traditional format, you can start with Kirkpatrick’s book that started it all – Can I Retire Yet?

However, their website is packed with resources that can help you take that knowledge and make everything easier for you on your journey to retirement. On their Start Here page in fact, they encourage you to reverse engineer your finances – planning out how you want to retire and what you want your life to look like in retirement – then plan how to get there.

Next, they take you through Planning, where they actually recommend the Pralana Gold Retirement Calculator that we highlighted in our Product Reviews this week. They then help you learn and finally, execute your plans with your newly gained knowledge. 

If you’re serious about getting a clear picture of not only when you can retire, but how you can make it happen, we highly recommend digging into their Roadmap and following their step by step guides.