Aging in Place

If you watch medical TV shows from even just 10-20 years ago, have you noticed how many people in senior living were supposedly just in their 60s? We find that crazy and luckily for us we’re not alone.

For me, part of thriving in your Third Age is being the healthiest, most independent that you possibly can be. It’s one reason why I love the mission of the National Aging in Place Council, a group that helps to bring together professionals and communities to champion Aging in Place (meaning we get to stay in our homes far longer!).

Costs of Aging

We talked last week about finances and how important it is to have an accurate picture for what you need in retirement. If you’re not quite sure what you’ll need because you’re still in good health, the NAIPC provides a free Costs of Aging Handbook on their website that allows you to create a plan for after retirement.

Plan for Aging in Place

After you’ve taken a look through the Costs of Aging and started to get a good idea of what you’ll need, NAIPC can also help you create a plan for Aging in Place. You’ll first need to download the free guide on the right hand side of the page (you just need to provide an email to get the template) and then they include a form that you can submit for further assistance.

We know how important it is to have our families on our sides for our long-term plans, and this allows you to get the costs together and the plans of what you want as you age.

Finding Service Providers

If you’re at a point where you need to start making some updates to your home to make it a bit more age-friendly, take a look through their Service Provider Directory. NAIPC is adding verified service providers all the time throughout the States to provide quality care. 

Free Resources for Aging in Place

One thing we love about NAIPC is that they offer a ton of free resources throughout their site and literature. Don’t get caught up in the way we used to view the world and aging. We can reclaim it and have exactly the Third Age we want.