Pralana Gold Retirement Calculator Lets You Forecast Your Financial Future

If you’re not a part of our Facebook group already, we’ve been having lots of discussions lately about the less-fun parts of this age – money. (Psst, you should come join us!)

But we also know that when your finances are in a good spot that you can relax and remain independent, and that’s what we strive for in our Third Age!

If you’re like me and money just isn’t your favorite topic ever, we have you covered with this easy-to-use retirement calculator.

Dubbed the Mercedes-Benz of retirement calculators, the Pralana Gold lets you see into your financial future for an amazing price! It provides comprehensive help and includes a simplified input to get you and lets you see how Social Security, ACA, Medicare, RMDs, QCDs, Roth, and more all work together to form a picture of your finances. 

We love that it also helps you to optimize your retirement withdrawals with accurate tax calculations!

Using the Pralana retirement calculator can help you answer the questions of whether or not you’re ready to retire or you can switch to a lower-paying but more rewarding job, or if you need to plan to find some supplemental income during part of your retirement.

Free & Paid Versions

Here’s one thing we find great about this – Pralana comes in both a free version (Bronze) and the paid (Gold) version. But even the Gold is only $99 which we think is well worth the investment.

While the Bronze version gives you a good look, the Gold version will allow you to dive deep into your finances. For just $99, you can get separate looks at your spouse’s finances, tax calculations, home ownerships and mortgages, rental real estate, college education expenses, and so much more.

One Note

A downside to these calculators is that both require you to have Microsoft Excel. On Mac, you need at least Excel 2011, but Windows can work with Excel 2007 and up. However, when you purchase the Gold calculator, you are entitled to free support via email and all updates to the calculator, plus access to the Pralana Retirement Calculator Forum.

Bronze or Gold Retirement Calculator

We definitely think the Gold version, at its low entry price, is worth it to get a better look at your overall retirement financial situation and get the support you’ll need if, like me, money isn’t your favorite thing.

While delving into your financial picture isn’t as sexy or fun, we know that if you treat it seriously you’ll enjoy a much better Third Age, and after all, that’s what we’re all about!