Unplug and Unwind in a Hammock Chair

Remember the days of lying in the sun, reading a book, and relaxing in a hammock? There’s nothing quite like the gentle swing as you hang under a tree or on your porch.

Hammocks have always been difficult to get in and out of, even when we were in our 20s! That’s why we love the new hammock chair trend. These cushy, comfortable chairs are much easier to relax in, there’s no rope gaps for your extra rolls to get pinched in, and many of them even come with stands for easy set up.

We call that a win-win!

We went hunting for a great hammock chair with excellent support and a stand to make it the easiest set up, and we discovered the SONGMICS Hammock Chair on Amazon. You can hunt and find a hammock chair on furniture sites like Wayfair, Target, Home Depot, and more, but this chair is only $129.99 with the stand and has some of the best reviews of the bunch.

This stand touts an easy set up (after all, you don’t have to have a tree or find a load-bearing beam to drill into) and a capacity of up to 264 pounds. With a large seat (58.3” x 49.2”), it’s the perfect size to stretch out and take a nap. Plus, we love that the sides keep you tucked in. While we do love this stand, you’ll want to ensure that it’s on level ground.

One thing that I have always struggled with when it came to hammocks was the ropes cutting into you. But this chair comes with 2 cushions to give you a truly relaxing experience and even includes a pocket to secure your book when you’ve decided to rest your eyes for just a few minutes. Add some other small cushions to make it even more relaxing!

Many of the reviews mention how easy the hammock was to put together, so if you’re looking for a new way to relax on your patio, we recommend giving this a try!