About the Art of Being Alone by Janett Menzel

A few years ago, my life changed. My husband and I divorced after 25 years of marriage.

It’s an adjustment to go from being in a partnership to being alone.

But you know what? Now I kind of love it. There’s something rejuvenating about having time to yourself.

It’s one reason I loved this book – About the Art of Being Alone. Don’t get me wrong, life after divorce is never easy and it definitely took some time to get here, but the message Janett Menzel shares in her book is so important.

Ask yourself – do you constantly need people to be around you? Do you feel empty when you don’t have a partner? Do you look for people and lovers to feel loved, wanted, and “enough” even if they’re the wrong choice? Do you have a tendency to attract toxic, egotistic, narcissistic people?

If any of those were yes, you could be afraid of being alone. But guess what – you just might be ready to work through it.

We love this book because it takes you on a journey to figure out what type of person you are, where you fear is coming from, and what they tell you about yourself. Menzel helps you to examine those carefully, understanding the lessons, and transforming it into a positive.

This book includes a whopping 70 strategies and reinventions of your own character and life to help you expose and decouple old belief systems and resolve your blocks.

We will warn you that this may not be for everyone, but if you’re ready to dig into and be more comfortable with being alone, this might just be the book for you.