Dynamic Aging: Simple Exercises for Whole Body Mobility

It’s no secret to my friends that I love to move. I love to get out and be as active as I can be! While I know I have a lot to be grateful for in the fact that I can get out and do yoga, bicycling, hiking, and all the other things I love (still!), I also know that it’s because I’m active that I get to be active.

Sort of a fun catch-22 isn’t it?

Author Katy Bowman, a biomechanist, best selling author, and leader of the Movement movement, wants to help us realize how movement helps our bodies. And she’s living it in all aspects of her life. Bowman’s expertise has been used to consult on educational and living space designs to encourage movement-rich habits, with companies like Patagonia, and non-profit organizations to spread her message of “move more, move more of you, and move better” message.

We’ve been all about movement this month at Third Age Mojo, bringing you ideas to move more whether it’s bicycling, walking, yoga, or dancing. That’s one reason we love this book from Bowman, because she helps us see how our pain and lack of mobility isn’t just due to age, but our habits. 

In this book, learn how changing how you move can change how you feel – no matter your age. She provides an exercise guide within the book to restore movement for healthier feet, better balance, and just an improved daily life. None of the exercises she provides require special equipment and they’re all easy to modify to fit your current lifestyle and fitness levels.

Bowman in her book includes the advice and stories of four women over 75 who have used her principles and exercises for years. They found recommended surgeries unnecessary, regained strength and mobility, and ended up moving even more than they did a decade previously

I’ll be honest, I already have friends complaining that they’re stiff or unable to move the same. I certainly would love to see them try some of these and see how it works for them!

If you’re struggling with what you can do to move better and work towards all the fun activities we highlighted this month, we highly recommend checking out this amazing book.