Go on the Defense with These 6 Must-Haves

It’s officially cold and flu season! My son was just sick with it last week, and with the many discussions of RSV and not to mention COVID going around, we need to think about staying healthy this winter.

Yes, our mindset can help us live healthier, longer, but we can also take some practical steps to make that happen, too!

I love using a mixture of natural remedies in my own daily fight against seasonal illness. Fight off colds and stay healthy this winter!

PureXanthin supplement bottle

Take the Best Anti-Oxidant

If you want to stay healthy every day, you need to add Pure Xanthan to your daily regimen! It’s been my favorite discovery in recent years. It has a host of benefits, including being 6,000 times more powerful than Vitamin C and 800 times stronger than CoQ10. You’ll love its healthy and anti-aging benefits.

Get Your Vitamins with Voost

Drop a tablet in your morning glass of water and get a boost of Vitamin C, Zinc, and electrolytes. Not only will it help keep you from getting sick, it’s also a building block of collagen formation and supports iron absorption. This drink has no sugar and is low in calories to let you get your daily health benefits without any guilt.

emergen-c gummies

Boost Your Immunity

If you aren’t a big fan of pills or the vitamin C drink mixes, we love these Emergen-C gummies. These immune boosting gummies include Vitamin C, D, and Zinc to support your immune system. I love taking these around the times that I know that I’ll be traveling or around a lot of new people to help me from getting sick. Plus, they’re easy to take!

light therapy lamp

Get Some Sun on Your Face

Sunlight has a lot of benefits in keeping us healthy. It not only provides vitamin D, but it can boost our mood, improve our sleep, and provide an energy increase. If you find yourself stuck indoors for too many hours of the day, this Light Therapy Lamp is a great alternative. It mimics the full spectrum of light found in daylight and offers timers so you can use this throughout your day.

medtec kn95 mask

Protect Yourself with These Comfortable Masks

I know, we’re all done wearing masks, but sometimes they’re the best solution to keep you healthy. Grab one that not only really works, but is actually comfortable and won’t fog up your glasses in the cold weather! These KN95 masks from Medtecs are individually wrapped and are perfect to take with you while you travel or go to an indoor event.

Sanitize on the Go

We all got used to carrying hand sanitizer around, but I hate how it can feel sticky or dry out your hands. Enter my new favorite option from Wet Ones! This hand sanitizer comes in a spray that not only hydrates (and smells like lavender), it doesn’t leave you with that awful residue. You’ll love that it kills 99.99% of germs and leaves your hands feeling soft and smooth.