Our 25 Favorite Amazon Finds to Age Our Best

Healthy aging does not have to be a big secret. In fact, there’s a lot we can do to age our best, including simply adjusting our own attitude about aging.

If you want to not only live longer but live healthier and more independently, we have the list for you!

We’ve gathered our favorite Amazon finds that range from fun outdoor activities and sporty items to games you can play with friends and family to the tools you need to work on your own mindset.

breaking the age code book cover

Rethink How You View Aging

This book has basically become my aging bible! One of the best ways to lead longer, healthier lives is to change how we think about aging. In Breaking the Age Code, Dr. Becca Levy not only shows you how impactful that power of positive thinking is, but she gives you easy-to-follow techniques to improve your own age mindset. Reviewers say this revolutionized their own beliefs, so if you start anywhere, start here!

rebel deck unfiltered affirmation cards

Make Mindset Messages Fun

You have to practice mindset shifts, but if your sense of humor tends to be a bit rough around the edges and mindfulness feels a bit…wishful thinking, then might we recommend you start with the Rebel Deck? These affirmation cards contain some adult language and provide unsugarcoated advice. Get a laugh while also training your brain to trend towards the positive.
paperage dotted notebook

Start Bullet Journaling with Paperage

Have you always loved to journal? Try out bullet journaling! This Paperage Dotted Notebook is a perfect solution to get started cheaply. It’s 5.7 x 8 inches, so it’s easy to take everywhere and it comes in 14 different colors so you’re able to select one that’s a great fit for your personality. Its hardcover keeps your journal safe with water-resistant vegan leather and an elastic closure band. The best feature is definitely the fact that it lays flat, making it easier for you to write.
bodyrestore shower steamers

Reduce Your Stress with These Shower Steamers

Stress can do a lot of damage to your health. While it’s not all about “self-care,” self-care doesn’t hurt either! Get the same benefits of a bubble bath with these aromatherapy shower steamers. Infused with essential oils, these will melt in the hot shower to release the relaxing benefits of lavender. These are particularly great to send you off to a night of restful sleep.
mindset breathing buddha

Work on Your Breathing with the Fun Breathing Buddha

One of the best ways to improve your attitude is to reduce your stress. We love this fun Breathing Buddha because it provides a guided visual meditation. In a super fun way! Follow the colors for guided breathing exercises that will help you get a hold of your day and your breathing. It’s small enough to sit on your nightstand, desk, or anywhere you might need to slow down and improve your mindfulness.

Go From Couch to Confident

One of the best stress-killers? Exercise! If you haven’t exercised in awhile, we love this beginner-friendly workout series from Julia Marie. This 14-day challenge will help you find more stability and flexibility. Each challenge increases in difficulty. You’ll be surprised at how far you can push yourself when you do it a little bit at a time.
pickleball for beginners

Join in the Most Popular New Sport – and Win!

Currently sweeping the nation because it’s just so much fun, pickleball is all the rage right now. Not only is it a perfect intergenerational sport, it’s also just the best for us Third Agers. Want to beat your friends or impress new ones you met on the court? This Pickleball for Beginners book will not only explain the game, but teach you the techniques to win.

niupipo pickleball paddles

Don’t Forget the Right Pickleball Paddles

Many facilities will have pickleball paddles you can rent, but you’ll want a good set of your own. This pair of paddles comes with four balls and a carrying bag. With these paddles, you’ll get more control and power with less noise. The fiberglass face and honeycomb composition underneath help these paddles to be lightweight and gentle on your elbows.
techstone resistance bands

Build Up Your Strength with Resistance

You probably read strength training and worry it means weights. But it doesn’t have to! Resistance bands are the perfect way to add some strength-training into your routine without the intimidation. These bands come in different levels so you can work your way up and start seeing some pretty cool results. Plus, they work to target different muscle groups!
Merrel hiking shoes

Go For a Hike with These Comfortable Shoes

What you put on your feet matters when you’re hiking. You need a supportive, comfortable shoe and thousands of reviews say these Merrell MOAB hiking shoes are the best right out of the box! These innovative shoes are breathable but keep water out so you’ll stay dry as you walk. Targeted heel cushioning keeps your feet happy with every step throughout your walk.

Make the Hike Easier with TrailBuddy Trekking Poles

If getting out on the trails is new to you, add a little extra support with these collapsible hiking poles! Lightweight and adjustable to your height, these hiking poles mold nicely to the shape of your hand. Get a bit of an upper body workout or just take some weight off of your legs. You can change out a few pieces as well for the terrain you’ll be trekking in to get the most out of your poles.
bionic mens relief grip golf glove

Get a Grip on Your Golf Game with These Gloves

Want to hit the golf course more and improve your game? Golf gloves can help you, even if you have some limited hand strength or arthritis problems. We love these Bionic Relief Grip gloves because they’re form-fitting and help you get a good grip, even if you have some pain in your hands (or if you don’t)!
airpods 3rd generation

Learn While You Walk

If you find walking boring, then you’ll want to load up a new audiobook or podcast and make it a lot more fun! With the latest Apple AirPods, you can multi-task and do some learning while you walk. They’ll stay in your ears while you move and have up to 30 hours of battery life so they’re perfect for a walk, hike, or even a run.
eference ready fly fishing cards

Learn FlyFishing Knots with These Cards

When you’re out on the river, there may not be a signal to Google different knots. These waterproof fly fishing knot cards help you leave the phone at home and still have everything you need as a beginner fly fisherman. These cards include step-by-step, color-coded knot tying diagrams designed to be easy to follow, including descriptions and usage tips. Use the included mini carabiner to hook it to your new Kylebooker vest!
kylebooker fly fishing vest

Get the Best Fly Fishing Vest for All the Pockets

This adjustable vest is suitable for men and women. It comes in several different colors in lightweight-breathable fabric. Perfect for all seasons! We love this vest because it has 17 exterior and interior pockets and rod holder loops & a variety of accessory loops to hold all your gear. Reviews call this vest comfy, lightweight, and perfect for fishing!
tomcare garden kneeler

Garden Comfortably with This Kneeler

If you spend a lot of time in your garden pruning, planting, and just generally kneeling, you need this amazing tool! This foldable kneeler and seat allows you to carry your favorite tools with you with its attached tool pouches. As a kneeler, it’ll protect your clothes from dirt and grass and support your knees as you work. You can also use the handles to stand back up. It converts to a seat so you can use it for easier potting, pruning, or just grabbing a rest. Its lightweight and foldable frame means you can take it anywhere. With thousands of 5 star reviews, this is the perfect addition to your garden.
corona extendable handle 3 tine hoe

Make Cleaning Weeds Easier

Do you avoid pulling weeds because it’s quite literally painful? Stay upright instead! This 3 tine hoe is perfect for weeding, especially those in tighter spaces. It has an adjustable handle that extends from 18 to 34 inches to give you the perfect height to keep from having to bend over. It also includes a comfort, non-slip grip to be easy on your hands. Stop breaking your back to get those pesky weeds and grab this helpful tool.
craftbarn paint by numbers

Discover a New Hobby (By the Numbers!)

A great way to feed your brain and improve your mental health is diving into new hobbies. We love these paint by numbers options because they’re easy but oh-so-fun. These two framed paintings from Craftbarn are the perfect way to de-stress, put your phone down, and try your hand at painting. You’ll get everything in the kit you need to create some beautiful floral works of art.
yamaha ypt270

Dive into Music with this Digital Keyboard

This Amazon exclusive Yamaha YPT270 allows you to play a nearly full piano keyboard with the benefit of a space-saving solution. Plus, you can plug in headphones so you don’t disturb the others in the home! This particular model includes hundreds of high-quality voices, drum kits, and special FX kits that can spice up whatever you’re playing. With a 4.8 rating it’s the clear choice to get a portable keyboard in your home.
hot shot smokeless indoor grill

Cook Healthy Meals on an Indoor Grill

Do you love the taste of grilled foods but don’t have the outdoor space or want to be able to have that in all weathers? Enter the Hot shot indoor grill! It’s smokeless so you don’t have to worry about setting off the smoke detector when you cook and it’s perfect for anything you’d throw on the BBQ. This grill comes with different plates, too, to allow you to get those grill marks or use it as a griddle. With its mess-free drip tray, clean up is a breeze!
blackstone griddle

Replace Your Boring Grill with a Blackstone

Get restaurant-quality meals with the Blackstone gas griddle. Think of the griddles you love at your favorite Teppanyaki place, but at home! Griddles are excellent for healthy meals because their high heat settings allow your food to cook faster. That locks in the flavors, vitamins, and minerals, and gives you a delicious, healthy meal. Grab the best griddle on the market with this Blackstone gas grille. With thousands of 5 star reviews it’s the best way to cook healthy at home.
outdoor gas griddle cookbook

Master Healthy Cooking on a Griddle

Learn how to use your new Blackstone the best way with this Outdoor Gas Griddle Cookbook. Prepare more nutritious food that tastes amazing. In this book, you’ll not only learn the griddle process and how to maintain your griddle, but 100 delicious recipes that even include nutrition information.

nexigo webcam

Stay Digitally Connected with Loved Ones

Skip the grainy laptop images and grab the NexiGo N660 webcam. With an excellent built-in microphone that filters out background noise, your family will actually be able to hear you. Plus, you can hook it up to your TV to get an even better image. It’s a must-buy with it’s 4.5 star rating!
phase 10 card game

Carry a Conversation and Play Phase 10

Phase 10 is an excellent card game that also allows you to chat while you play. Games can go for hours at a time and can bring out the most competitive sides of your friends. This one is perfect if you want something to focus the attention for the night while not getting too buried in a game.
cards against humanity

Laugh Until You Cry with Cards Against Humanity

Full disclosure: their tagline is “A party game for horrible people” so you need a sense of humor when playing this one. But this particular card game is all about making each other laugh! Grab a few friends and quickly learn about each others’ senses of humor. You’ll understand your friends on an entirely new level.