2022 Holiday Gift Guide

I’m not sure how, but it’s officially holiday shopping season!

Last year, we shared our favorite holiday gift ideas for 2021 and we’re doing it again.

Not only have we put together our favorite holiday gifts from our previous highlights, but we’ve got some great new things for you to see.

Make your shopping easy and start scrolling! There’s something for everyone on your list.

desktop zen garden

Give the Gift of Relaxation with this Zen Garden

You may have laughed at a few of these in the 90s, but the desk Zen Garden is back! We love this desktop meditation tool from Island Falls because it allows you to take a break during a stressful day and take a few seconds to focus. Rake the beautiful sand and enjoy the handcrafted nature of the tools. It also just looks great on your desk and serves as a reminder to take a moment for your own mindfulness!

richie house fleece bathrobe

Offer Luxury with this Bathrobe

One of the joys of a high-end hotel is that bathrobe! Now you can have the same 5 star feeling at home with this amazingly comfortable fleece bathrobe from Richie House. It comes in a variety of colors so you can match your vibe and unwind. Your loved one will be able to light the fireplace, turn on a Netflix show, and grab some movie snacks. It’s time to relax!

falling in art tabletop easel set

The Perfect Set For Your Artistic Friends

This beginner’s kit from Falling in Art has an easel, 12 acrylic paints, canvas panels, and brushes. It’s everything you need to get started on your own Grandma Moses journey. Paint things around you, derive inspiration from nature, or just follow some online videos to start your painting journey.

lego orchid set for adults

Embrace the Inner Child with LEGO

These sets aren’t your normal LEGO! Give a fun activity with these LEGO flower sets. This orchid is beautiful, far easier to take care of than a normal plant, and is quirky enough for all of your friends to love. Plus, they’ll enjoy putting it together (and may just want to buy more!)

chromax golf balls

Help Your Golf Buddy Stop Losing Balls

These special, metallic golf balls are created to be high-visibility. Whether you have any vision issues or not, the Chromax Golf Balls are perfect for helping you find your ball all the way down the course. Get a lower score with these unique vivid colored balls. They’re easy to see, track and locate in all light conditions.

vavus language translator

The Perfect Gift for Your Traveling Friends

Do you have a friend who loves to travel to new places? Give them the gift of translation! The Vavus Language Translator fits in a pocket and helps to translate over 100 languages, including Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and more! This will become their favorite new carry-on tool because it even works off-line!

garmin rv 1090 gps

Help Them Find Their Way with Garmin

Have you used your phone for GPS before? While those maps are fine if you have a signal, part of the reason for RV life is to go where there isn’t any! Help your friends and family travel safely with this easy-to-read GPS from Garmin. The Garmin RV 1090 has a 10”, high-resolution display so you can always see the road clearly. Plus, the road warnings help them be aware of any sharp curves ahead.

niloufo summer top

This Flattering Blouse Works for Everyone

This super flattering blouse from Niloufo is easy to throw on and super comfortable while not hiding your shape. It’s a little longer so it can be tucked into jeans for a more fitted look or pair it under a blazer for something upscale. Reviewers mention it flatters almost every shape which makes it perfect for the office! It’s an easy gift for anyone on your list.

anker portable charger

Keep Them Charged Wherever They Go

Running out of phone battery is the worst, especially when you’re out having fun with friends. Gift power this year with this Anker portable charger. Including connections for any phone, they just need to plug their normal charging cable into it and they’ll be good to go. Easy to charge at home before they head out for a day with family and friends and is small enough to carry easily.

diivoo indoor herb garden

Provide Fresh Herbs Year Round

We love this indoor, hydroponic growing system. This smart garden planter is perfect to keep in the kitchen and allows your family and friends to grow herbs and vegetables conveniently indoors! With an adjustable height and two lighting modes with LED grow lights, you’ll be able to give the gift of fresh food for a long time.

blue zones kitchen cookbook

100 Healthy Recipes for Your Cooking Friends

Based on decades of research, Dan Buettner gathered 100 delicious, healthy recipes into his Blue Zones Kitchen cookbook. With ideas from all over the world, your friends will love these healthy dishes that help to increase longevity, wellness, and even mental health. It’ll become their week-night staple!

staub baking dishes

And Give Them Something to Cook With

These beautiful baking dishes from STAUB are ideal for baking casseroles, healthy desserts or stuffed shells. Whatever they’re making, these pans are a great option not only because they’re versatile and come with two handles for easy carrying, but they come in 8 different colors to match your loved one’s unique style! Get rid of that boring glass baking dish and try this gorgeous dish set that goes from oven to table without sacrificing elegance.

smirly bamboo cheese board set

Make Charcuterie Easy with This Set

This is the perfect gift for your friend that loves to be the host! This wood cheese and charcuterie board includes everything they’ll need to serve delicious snacks at their next party. It includes 4 serving knives and utensils to make everything easy and even includes a matching bamboo fruit tray to keep it all separated out. They’ll use this for years!

book of unusual knowledge

Captivate Their Mind with Unusual Knowledge

Have a loved one that just loves to learn? The 704 page Book of Unusual Knowledge is crammed with captivating information! Covering a range of topics – including animals, art, sports, technology, history, the universe and more – they’ll be able to dive into almost anything that interests them. It’s fun, informative, and will look great on their bookshelf or coffee table.

atomic habits

Help Them Reach Their Goals

We all have bad habits. If you have a friend or loved one who has been trying to make healthier, happier choices give them this secret weapon! Atomic Habits by James Clear is simply one of the best books to help you see incredible results – with just tiny changes you make every day. Your goal-oriented friends will love it and make it their newest go-to guide.

When in Doubt, Give a Gift Card

Sure, you could send an e-gift card but where’s the fun in that? We love these beautiful holiday gift boxes that allow you to send something a bit more tangible. They’ll be able to pick out their favorite things but still have something to unwrap!