Make Cooking Fun with These 7 Cookware Finds

Have you always loved to cook but got out of the habit over the years? Or do you secretly dread that “What’s for dinner?” question you ask yourself every night.

Make it fun!

Cooking at home is a great way to eat healthy and take control of our nutrition, but it should be something we enjoy, too.

We put together some of our favorite cookware so you’ll actually enjoy cooking this holiday season.

Ninja air fryer

Make it Easy with This Air Fryer

If you haven’t tried an air fryer yet, you’re missing out! This miracle machine from Ninja can crips, roast, reheat, and dehydrate for some of the most delicious meals. I can cook everything in an air fryer – from roast veggies to even delicious steaks. It’s super easy to use and there are tons of healthy recipes to make in your air fryer. We love that this 4 quart option from Ninja will fit perfectly on your countertop and has 40,000+ 5 star reviews. You can’t beat it!

Hamilton Beach indoor grill

Grill Safely Indoors

If you love the taste of fresh food off the grill, you don’t have to give that up just because it’s cold! This indoor electric grill from Hamilton Beach is the perfect way to enjoy your favorite grilled foods all year long. It includes a removable non-stick grate for easy cleaning and a viewing window so you can keep an eye while it cooks. Lock in those nutrients easily!

caraway saute pan

You’ll Love this Caraway Pan

If you want a pan that’s good for the environment, you’ll love these sustainably-made pans from Caraway. Now available on Amazon, they release up to 60% less CO2 compared to other non-stick coatings. In particular, we love this beautiful saute pan with a lid. It’s oven safe and its unique coating lets you use less oil or butter plus is easy to clean. It’s so beautiful you’ll have no problem taking it from the oven straight to the table.

Check The Temps with This Thermometer

Stop trying to use those old meat thermometers your mom used. It’s time to upgrade to this digital version from Kizen. With thousands of five-star reviews, it’s the perfect companion to get your food done at just the right temperature. It works great not just with meat, but frying oil, breads, candy making, and more. We love the easy-to-read digital screen and the fact that it’s waterproof so it’s easy to clean. Cooking is more fun when you love the result and this thermometer will help you get there.

zulay silicone utensils

Cook Easily with These Non-Stick Utensils

I love the quality of wood cooking utensils, but it’s nice to have the flexibility of silicone coating. Enter these hybrids from Zulay! With acacia wood handles and food-grade silicone heads, these utensils won’t melt and will give you flexibility while you cook. Don’t worry about scratching your new pans and keep them clean easily. Plus, these come in a variety of colors to spruce up your own kitchen decor because cooking should be fun.

wanbasion knives

Make Chopping Fun with This Knife Set

Don’t let the low price of these colorful knives fool you. You’ll soon wonder where these Wanbasion knives have been your whole life. Resistant to corrosion and scratching, you’ll love how sharp these knives are. They’re perfect for chopping potatoes or your favorite steak. Lightweight but powerful, you’ll be looking for reasons to chop up ingredients.

magnetic fridge knife bar

Protect and Display Your Knives with This Magnetic Bar

Want to extend the life of your knives? Hang them on this magnet bar! Keep your countertop clean of bulky knife blocks and protect your blades by attaching them to this metal bar instead. It’s so easy to install you just have to open it and stick it to the side of your fridge. It’s the perfect way to maximize your space in a smaller kitchen and keep the utensils you need at the ready.