Wanna Fix Your Swing? Fix Your Body!

If you haven’t gotten on the golf course lately, don’t delay!

There are lots of studies that show golf is the perfect exercise for older adults. Not only does it help you to socialize, it also improves your walking and standing ability, balance, strength and cognitive processing.

But golf is more fun when you’re winning, right? Or at least doing well. 

It’s time to improve your swing. In the book Fix Your Body, Fix Your Swing, the authors show us how to repair our bodies so we can have that PGA swing we’ve always wanted.

Treat the Root of the Problems

If you’ve ever tapped a friend on the course or pulled up some YouTube videos to improve your swing, you’ve been going about it all wrong.

Authors Joey Diovisalvi and Steve Steinberg show that in order to truly correct a flawed swing, the causes of the problems must be treated, not the symptoms.

You might not actually be doing things wrong. It could just be that your body isn’t letting you do things right. By understanding and changing your body you’ll be able to correct your mechanics naturally so you can take your game to the next level.

Be a Better Golfer

What we love about this book is that it begins with self-assessments, helping you determine where your body is too tight, not strong enough, or out of balance.

Once you know your issues, you’ll get easy-to-follow exercises using the latest developments in bio-mechanics as their guide. With these exercises, you can correct the problems or limitations you discovered in the assessments. 

Even better? It’s not a big time investment! Just three twenty-minute workout sessions a week will help you become a better golfer with a healthier, stronger body.

The Reviews Have It

With hundreds of five star ratings, multiple golfers mention how Fix Your Body, Fix Your Swing has helped them to not only improve their game, but their mobility and health, too. Multiple reviewers talk about how great it is for their shoulders and back and love that it’s improved their overall game.

While it may not turn you into Phil Mickelson, if you want to golf and improve your fitness this book is a goldmine of targeted information.