Breaking the Age Code by Dr. Becca Levy

We’ve talked about a few ways to lead longer, healthier lives here at Third Age Mojo. This book, however, might just be the key you’ve been looking for.

Yale professor Dr. Becca Levy is the leading expert on the psychology of aging. Her ground-breaking research has shown that aging can come down to our own beliefs.

Mindset Determines How Long and Well You Live

This fascinating and inspiring book will show you how aging can become a homecoming. That our own beliefs about aging – and the beliefs of the world around us – actually contribute to health conditions that we believed to be age-related.

What does that mean exactly? Health problems such as memory loss, hearing decline, and cardiovascular events are influenced by the negative age beliefs that dominate the US and other ageist countries.

In Breaking the Age Code, Dr. Levy draws on her research that shows how age beliefs can be improved to benefit all aspects of the aging process. Those beliefs can benefit the way that genes operate and even extend life expectancy by 7.5 years.

Creating a Healthy Aging Society

Throughout the book, Dr. Levy shows how our internal mindset about aging has been shaped by the world around us. Referred to as “Stereotype Embodiment Theory,” Dr. Levy dives into stories from pop culture to the boardroom to her own life to show how ageist beliefs affect our lives. She even highlights an entire town that flourished because of their shift around aging beliefs.

In the book, she presents easy-to-follow techniques to improve your own age mindset to help you age better. However, Dr. Levy shows that we need the help of the world around us to truly improve. In Breaking the Age Code, she lays out a blueprint to reduce structural ageism to create lasting change. 

Revolutionize Your Feelings About Aging

Reviewers on Amazon mention how Breaking the Age Code revolutionized their own beliefs. How it helped them to change how they think and talk to themselves. Some even mention how just reading it helped them to feel 20 years younger!

Not only will it help to shift your own perceptions on aging, it will shatter those assumptions. Breaking the Age Code will show you how aging can be a rediscovery and feast of life.

Are you ready to dive into how you can adjust your mindset around aging? Run, don’t walk, to Amazon and grab your copy!