Shift Your Mindset with Affirmation Cards

If you’ve read Breaking the Age Code (or at least our review), you know that changing your mindset around aging can actually extend your life. In fact, it can extend it by 7 ½ years!

Retraining our brain can be tricky because it’s easy to fall back into bad habits. Instead of struggling with changing your mindset on your own, it’s time to grab a deck of Affirmation Cards.

Affirmation cards provide a great visual cue to remind us to practice throughout the day and makes it far easier to turn it into a habit. With a card deck, you can select a card at random to improve its impact.

Whether you love physical products or prefer a digital option, we have three great choices for you!

Decks of Affirmation Cards

mindful messages affirmation cards

Mindful Messages Positive Affirmation Cards

This deck of affirmation and self-calming cards come with 52 cards to help you relax. Promote mindfulness and stress-relief by following not only the affirmations, but the positivity exercises included on each card. These cards are not only the perfect addition to your self-care routine, but they include beautiful colors and illustrations to be a true bright spot in your day. Just choose a card each morning and carry the thought and exercise throughout your day! For just $14.99, these high-quality cards are the perfect addition to your own daily routine or as a gift for a loved one.

Rebel Deck Unfiltered Oracle Cards

If your sense of humor tends to be a bit rough around the edges and mindfulness feels a bit…wishful thinking, then might we recommend you start with the Rebel Deck? These affirmation cards contain some adult language and provide unsugarcoated advice. With bright colors and premium card stock, these cards are easy to shuffle. Get a laugh while also training your brain to trend towards the positive. At $25.50, these 60 cards will be the most hilariously accurate deck you can buy.

rebel deck unfiltered affirmation cards

Affirmation App

subliminal vision board app screenshot

Subliminal Vision Boards

If you prefer a more digital experience, I have been loving Subliminal Vision Boards! It allows me to create my own affirmations, create vision boards, set an action plan and so much more. This app will take your mindfulness and turn it into actual action to drop your negative beliefs. Start creating your reality with positivity and empowering yourself forward. You can even get a 7 day free trial to ensure you love it before you spend $4.99/month.