Tools You Need for Remote Mentoring

Being a mentor for someone, especially in the industry in which you work, can be a huge benefit for yourself.

You can gain helpful reminders for yourself, gain perspective, learn from your mentees, and grow in your leadership skills.

If finding a mentee local to you doesn’t feel like the right fit, you can always connect with someone remotely!

We’ve put together our favorite tools to run successful video calls for the best mentor/mentee experience.

logitech c920x pro webcam

Logitech C920x HD Pro Webcam

You can run video calls on Skype or Zoom without a good webcam, and let’s be real – the one in your laptop is only OK. This inexpensive option from Logitech comes with a full 1080p resolution to provide you with a crisp image. This camera also includes dual mics to allow you to capture high-quality audio. It can connect to your laptop or even your TV, so you can use it wherever you like!

Blue Yeti Mic

If you really want the best quality sound? Well, your built-in microphone is “fine,” but nothing compares to the audio you’ll get with a Blue Yeti. This USB microphone plugs right into your computer and gives you professional-level audio for only $139. If you spend a lot of time on video – or are even toying with starting a podcast – this is the microphone you need.

blue yeti mic
mee audio corded headphones

MEE Audio Corded Headphones

Hate that echo-y sound you can get on video calls? You need headphones! Now, you might be wondering why you want wired headphones instead of wireless. These will actually plug right into your Yeti microphone or laptop so you can get high-quality audio in your ears without messing with a bluetooth connection. Plus, these offer a secure fit and the clear color make them almost invisible on camera. They’re also noise-isolating so you can stay focused on your mentee!

Rocketbook Reusable Notebook

If you love to take notes while you’re on a call so you can remember what you talked about – stop wasting paper! You can get the same feeling of handwritten notes with the Rocketbook! This “smart” notebook allows you to scan your handwritten notes into your favorite Cloud storage solution and will even translate your handwriting into text automatically. Then, you just simply wipe the page with the included microfiber cloth and you have a notebook you’ll never need to recycle. It’s the best of analog and digital.
rocketbook smart reusable notebook