Internationally-Known Artist Chris Krieg

This week, we take a deep dive into the world of muralist Chris Krieg and his flourishing business with his son Will

If you love Chris’s art and want to take a piece home with you, well, it’s not quite possible to grab the side of a building.

But you can grab one of his original canvas works!

Original Art by Chris Krieg

While Chris is largely known for his murals, signs, and thousands of billboards, he creates beautiful original art you can have in your own home.

Growing up in Oakland, California, he showed an early aptitude for painting. When outdoor billboard advertising flourished, Krieg became engrossed in the art of advertising and painting on a grand scale. Having done most of his work free-hand has allowed him to create truly beautiful, original works.

Now residing in Evergreen, Colorado, his art graces skyscrapers, buildings, eclectic materials, and even canvases.

How Chris Krieg Paints

Most of his artwork is created using fine ground oils and enamels. Some are watercolors, while others have distinct combinations of materials and color. All of his pieces are beautiful representations just like his murals of how he sees the world.

View Chris Krieg’s Original Works

If you want to take one of Chris’s pieces home with you, you can do so through 73 Art Agency! They currently have a collection of Chris’s originals that are for sale.

These are original works, so you’ll be the only one with this unique piece in your home.

Each piece is unique, evoking emotion and prompting conversation. They’ll be the perfect centerpiece for your favorite room!