5 Tools to Garden in Comfort

If you want a great looking garden (and want to get the health benefits from gardening), then you have to take care of your body!

All of that regular attention, watering, pruning, weeding, and raking can take its toll on your back, knees, shoulders, and hands.

While we found the perfect yoga routine for gardeners to soothe and stretch out, you can use a few tools upfront to prevent the worst of the pain.

If you want to garden in comfort, we have just the products and ergonomic tools you’ll need.

Ergonomic Garden Tools

tomcare garden kneeler

TomCare Garden Kneeler

If you spend a lot of time in your garden pruning, planting, and just generally kneeling, you need this amazing tool! This foldable kneeler and seat allows you to carry your favorite tools with you with its attached tool pouches. As a kneeler, it’ll protect your clothes from dirt and grass and support your knees as you work. You can also use the handles to stand back up. It converts to a seat so you can use it for easier potting, pruning, or just grabbing a rest. Its lightweight and foldable frame means you can take it anywhere. With thousands of 5 star reviews, this is the perfect addition to your garden at just $49.99.

Ames Hand Rake with Gel Grip

If you need to rake in tight areas but want to protect your hands, this hand rake from Ames is perfect! The ergonomic handle design with soft gel-grip cushions your hand and provides maximum comfort while you work. It’s perfect to garden in tight spaces, dislodge weeds around your perennials and annuals, or smoothing soil in your planters and beds. Its durable and flexible steel tines and comfort grip make this the perfect tool for any gardener. And at $14.72 it’s a no-brainer!
corona extendable handle 3 tine hoe

Corona Extendable Handle 3 Tine Hoe

Do you avoid pulling weeds because it’s quite literally painful? Stay upright instead! This 3 tine hoe is perfect for weeding, especially those in tighter spaces. It has an adjustable handle that extends from 18 to 34 inches to give you the perfect height to keep from having to bend over. It also includes a comfort, non-slip grip to be easy on your hands. Stop breaking your back to get those pesky weeds and grab this helpful tool for just $16.80.

Camptrace Sun Protection Hat

The last time you were out in the yard, did you notice that the back of your neck is what got sunburned most? Me, too! Protect your face and your neck from harmful UV rays with this amazing hat from Camptrace. Made of 100% nylon, this hat is not only waterproofed and quick to dry, it also offers UPF 50+ sun protection. With a wide brim and extra back coverage, you can protect your face and your neck and upper back from those weeding tan lines. It comes in a variety of colors for just $17.99, so you’ll be sure to find one you’ll love!
camptrace sun protection hat
PureXanthin supplement

PureXanthin Supplement

As you spend more time outside gardening, you know that you have to protect your skin. But so many sunscreens are not good for you. Instead, help your body absorb the right amount of sun while protecting yourself from harmful UV rays with this supplement. Yes, you read that right! A daily pill you take each day can help your body produce melanin and protect your skin from the inside out.