Strava – the Number One App for Cyclists

You know that biking is a great way to exercise at any age, but how do you track your workouts so you know the impact it’s having?

Enter my favorite secret weapon – Strava!

With Strava, you can track and analyze every aspect of your activities so you know exactly what impact your new fitness routine is having on your body (and so you can compete against your past self and push yourself forward).

Measure Your Performance

Strava works with your phone to turn it into a sophisticated running and cycling computer. When you start Strava before an activity, you’ll be able to track your favorite performance stats, and afterwards, dive deep into your data.

If you’re used to MyFitnessPal, your Apple Watch, or other fitness trackers, Strava gives you data similar to that but it’s so much more. It allows you to set and track goals, analyze whether you’re training effectively, and syncs with your favorite fitness tracker to get all of your health data, too.

The Social Network for Athletes

What I love most about Strava is that it’s a community of people who love to get outdoors!

Yes, you can share your own activities to your feed (including adding pictures of your cycling journeys), but what’s even cooler is the crowd-sourced information for safe routes.

If it’s been run or ridden, it’s on Strava. With millions of athletes all over the world, Strava’s road and trail network is unmatched. If you’re looking for an adventure or want to make a route of your own, Strava can find you a place to go – and you can upload that route to your phone or GPS device for easier navigation while you’re out on the new route. If you like competition, you can even check your own performance against a leaderboard of times set by every Strava athlete who has been there before.

Staying Safe on Your Bike Rides

One of the biggest challenges when you’re in a new-to-you location is to set your family’s mind at ease. Strava has a Beacon feature that you can turn on and share your location in real time with your friend, partner, parent, coach, kids, or anyone else who worries about you when you head out the front door.

Unlock Premium Features

If you’re wanting to just track your rides through your phone and join a supportive community of outdoor athletes, the free Strava app is a great place to get started.

Take it one step further with the full trail and competition features by just paying $7.99/month.

I love using this app daily to track my rides and the advanced features are definitely worth the subscription.

Take a full look and try out Strava on your next ride.