The Benefits of Biking

Have you wanted to start getting moving, but you haven’t found that exercise that works for you?

Let me introduce you to my favorite form of exercise – biking!

Riding a bicycle does require a good, comfortable bike, but once you’ve made that investment, cycling can be a fantastic way to build strength, burn calories, and lose weight – without devoting a ton of time each day.

Even if you’ve never been much of a rider, I’ve just written the book that will get you riding at any age! Let me introduce you to my first published work – The Benefits of Biking.

Fun Facts to Get You Riding at Any Age

Yes, you read that right. I wrote The Benefits of Biking to share my favorite facts about cycling. In my eBook, I’ll show you how riding a bike will change your life by making you a happier and healthier person. 

I love cycling because it can be as social or solitary as I need, and a person can ride well into an advanced age. Even if you’ve never experienced the love of biking, I hope that with this short, entertaining read I’ll change your mind!

The History of the Bike

Do you know how our modern day bicycles came to be? The history of bikes is as entertaining as it is bumpy. 

I did not know that the first bikes were invented to replace horses. They were made of wood, heavy, and difficult to ride.

Bikes, designed by dreamers and free thinkers, were disruptive technology that significantly altered the way people traveled.

In The Benefits of Biking, I show you the evolution of the bicycle and how that has changed the way  we travel while giving us a fun way to get around!

Are You a Cyclist?

If you’ve never thought about biking (or it’s been decades since you hit the road on one), then you need to grab this book.

In it, you’ll learn:

  • The history of the design and development of bikes
  • Fun facts about biking and the people who bike
  • How to pick the right bike for you
  • Organized and specialty rides
  • Touring in groups and solo tours
  • Why riding makes people so happy

Plus, if you’ve ever thought about an eBike to make cycling more accessible, we reviewed our favorite eBike here at Third Age Mojo. You can even track your bike journeys to get an accurate idea of your progress in your health journey.

I absolutely love sharing my love of cycling with you all and I cannot wait for you to read my book. Early reviews are calling it a great motivator and fun read. At only $2.99, don’t even think. Go grab your copy!