Yoga for Gardeners

Have you gotten out and dug into your soil recently? Gardening – even just getting started with some potted plants – can have amazing benefits for your overall health.

Studies consistently show that getting outside and gardening can restore your body’s vital Vitamin D that helps you fight disease. It can also build strength, promote sleep, help you maintain a healthy weight, and protect your memory.

Maybe you’ve been avoiding gardening because it’s “back-breaking.” If that’s the case, you can soothe those aches with a simple yoga routine from Yoga with Adriene!

Getting Back to You with Yoga

One of the most popular figures in the online yoga community, Adriene believes that yoga is getting back to the true you. That your daily practice will help remind you that everything is connected. It allows us to live, act, and breathe with awareness.

In her teachings and free yoga video resources on YouTube, Adriene combines traditional yoga with developmental movement, storytelling, and mindfulness applications to help you get the most out of your yoga practice.

Adriene is one of my favorite resources for free yoga routines and I love following along with her videos!

Make Gardening More Comfortable

If you’re ready to get started gardening but want to protect your lower back, hips, and more, we love this special Yoga for Gardeners video from Adriene.

This video is for all levels and is perfect for every gardener. In this 30 minute video, Adriene will help you to release tension in your low back, hips, side torso, legs, ankles, feet, hands, wrists, and arms (so basically all of it!). She’ll also guide you through soothing the muscles in your neck and shoulders.

Watch it now and get comfortable working in your garden again.