Best of Mazatlán

Have you been wanting to travel to Mexico and enjoy their unique beaches?

If you’re nervous to travel but want the experiences, I highly recommend checking out Mazatlán! My friend Mark Glickman runs the definitive guide to Mazatlán through his website The Best of Mazatlán.

Throughout his site, he’ll show you the great value you can get when you travel to Mazatlán, the social life of the expat community, and the spectacular views!

Travel to Mazatlán

If you’re just wanting to visit Mazatlán and get to know a unique part of Mexico, you’ll be able to find everything you need!

Written from the perspective of Mark, who’s traveled around the area extensively and has even lived there, you’ll get a unique insiders’ and outsiders’ perspective.

The Food

Discover the best restaurants and foods to eat in Mazatlán, get a scoop on the best of the nightlife, and even find your favorite US-inspired food with the best burgers, wings, and hot dogs in the area. There’s no shame in needing a small taste of home if you’re traveling for a longer time frame.

Get Social

If you’re looking to get out and enjoy the best nightlife there, you can find the best bars and clubs, no matter what kind of nightlife you like. You can also find the best daytime activities with his top “cool things to do” or even the best places to stay and meet a great community of other travelers.

Discover Attractions

If you’re the type of traveler who loves to get out and explore, there’s a ton for you in Mazatlán and the surrounding area. Mark not only has the best agave distilleries, bike riding, or sportfishing destinations, but he also has a ton of fun, unique options that are close enough for a quick day trip.

One of the beautiful things about traveling is your ability to get out and enjoy an entirely different environment, and Best of Mazatlán has more options than you can fit in one trip!

Moving to Mazatlán

If you’re wanting to make a second home in Mexico or move there all together, Mark’s got the complete expatriate’s guide!

Click on his Live tab and get access to real estate, the best reasons to live in Mazatlán, where to find the best golf and tennis facilities, and even how to get involved with local non-profits.

Mazatlán is a great place for expats, especially those who want to find a community that they can be a part of. Forget moving to Florida and instead discover if Mazatlán and its beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean and Sierra Madre mountains is the destination for you.