Our 8 Favorite Travel Accessories to Make Your Next Trip a Breeze

I am so excited to be traveling again, are you? I’m currently spending some time in Paris with my son and having the best time!

But can I tell you a secret? I was a little nervous about getting on a plane and going so far from home (the food has been worth it, though!).

To make my journey easier, I spent some time finding the right accessories for my trip. If you’ve got a summer trip (or multiple) planned, make sure you grab a few of these!

Travel Organizers

fyy electronic organizer

FYY Electronic Organizer

There’s no doubt about it – you’re going to be traveling with some tech. Keep all your cables, chargers, earphones, and everything else in this easy case! It keeps everything organized and prevents your cables from getting tangled. It easily slips into your bags so you can find what you need on those long flights without digging. This organizer may look small, but it can fit just about anything you need to stay connected.

BAGSMART Toiletry Bag

Stop worrying about your travel shampoo exploding in your luggage and store everything you need in this convenient toiletry bag! It’s water-resistant to protect your clothes if something happens. It also includes convenient pockets to organize all of your toiletries (which is especially great if you’re traveling with a partner or spouse). It unrolls and has a hook so you can hang it on the back of your bathroom door and keep everything within easy reach. It comes in 6 colors and two separate sizes so you can grab the right one for your next trip.
bagsmart toiletry bag

Veken Packing Cubes

Want to make your life on the road a little easier? Grab these packing cubes! Use these convenient nylon cubes to organize your clothes and shoes, protect them with waterproof fabric, and help to reduce wrinkles and the exploding luggage mess. These are especially great for multi-day trips where you might need to plan out a few weather changes.

Travel Gadgets

BZE Selfie Stick with Tripod

Before you say you don’t need this, hear me out! Instead of handing your phone to a stranger, get that great shot with yourself in view with this 40 inch extendable selfie stick. It also has a tripod base so you can get a stable shot. Use the remote shutter to get full control over your pictures. Lightweight and compact, you can slip this into your Matein backpack and have it ready when you need it. You’ll soon wonder how you traveled without it!
bze selfie stickbze selfie stick
perilogics flight phone mount

Perilogics Flight Phone Mount

A lot of airlines assume you’ll use your own devices to watch movies and pass the time now. Make it even easier with this universal, hands-free holder! With 360 degree rotation, this handy mount clips on to your seatback tray and allows you to watch your favorite movie without having to hold your phone for two hours. You’ll soon wonder how you ever lived through a long-haul flight without it.

iWalk Portable iPhone Charger

Keep your phone ready for those pictures with this mini charger! Unlock its bulkier counterparts, it makes it easy to keep using your phone while it’s charging. Don’t worry about running out of juice while walking around and use your maps and camera without worrying about finding an outlet at a nearby coffee shop.
iwalk portable iphone charger
newvanga travel adapter

NewVanga Universal Travel Adapter

If you’re leaving the US, you need to think about how you’re going to plug in your gadgets. Thankfully, this universal adapter works no matter where you go! It allows you to choose which type of outlet you want, adjusting for more than 150 countries. For just $14.99, you’ll want to grab a couple of these so you’re ready no matter where you jet off to.