Travel Easily with the Vavus Language Translator

Are you nervous to travel to a country where you don’t speak the primary language? I’ve been loving life in Paris for the last little bit, and while I know many people speak English, I wish I had grabbed one of these before my trip!

The Vavus Language Translator fits right in your pocket and helps you to translate over 100 languages. Never worry about traveling or making new friends abroad again!

Clear, Real Time and Accurate Translation in Your Pocket

The reviews for this device had me sold instantly! Many of the other instant translation devices on the market struggle to provide accurate translations for many languages. Vavus on the other hand gives you high accuracy and fast translation with its 4G features. 

Think of it like having a language dictionary in your pocket, but that can help you connect with people you may never have before!

Tested by language experts, the Vavus Pocket Translator was built with top language software companies. Combining automatic speech recognition, machine translation, and text-to-speech capabilities, Vavus provides a 98% accurate two-way translation. 

High-Quality Pocket Translator

One of the things we love about this cool device? It’s so easy to use! With a 3 inch touchscreen, you’re able to easily control your conversations. With its loud sound system, Bluetooth to connect to your earbuds, and a camera to even translate signs, there’s almost nothing you can’t do with this nifty device.

You can even record conversations for later with its 8GB of internal memory. Run out of space? Just easily transfer your data to your computer!

Grab the worldwide sim card from Vavus and you’ll be able to even use your device as a hotspot around the world. 

Access Translations Offline

While you can access all languages with their 4G connection, you can pre-download language packs before your trip. That way if you’re in an area without the greatest signal, you’ll still be able to use your translator.

Offline languages include:

  • Chinese (Simplified) 
  • English (US) 
  • Japanese 
  • French 
  • German
  • Spanish 
  • Russian 
  • Korean 
  • Portuguese 
  • Dutch
  • Italian 
  • Chinese (Traditional)

Your Travel Best Friend

Remove those barriers and dust off your passport. Once you start using Vavus, you won’t be able to wait to meet new people and test it out!

Reviews call this the best translation device that’s incredibly easy to use. For only $147.97, you really can’t pass this up!