Release Your Tension With Face Yoga

Do you feel your face has settled into some of your most common expressions?

This might sound silly, but our body learns patterns. When we carry stress and tension, our resting facial expressions can make us seem angry, upset, or annoyed. 

Want to cure your resting face? With Face Yoga, you can release the tension in your face, neck, and shoulders while toning all of those muscles. 

What is Face Yoga?

Are you looking for a natural way to keep your skin looking young? Face Yoga might be the answer! Face Yoga is a set of exercises designed to target the muscles under your skin. When you target these muscles (just like you do with other muscles at the gym), you can improve circulation and blood flow in your face, giving you a brighter, more youthful appearance.

Fumiko Takatsu founded Face Yoga after a car accident in her 30s. While recovering from facial injuries, she tried every expensive cream and lotion on the market. But then it dawned on her: if she could exercise the muscles in her body, why not the ones in her face too? That’s how Face Yoga was born!

Get Started with Face Yoga

Face Yoga has been a daily part of my practice since COVID began, and it is such a key part of my health! 

I’ve begun sharing my routines that you can start doing yourself on my YouTube channel and I’ve gathered three of my favorites for you here.

It’s so easy to start and such a rewarding experience for your overall health! Check them out and then tell me – what are you getting started with?

Getting Started With Face Yoga: Why and How

Face Yoga All Over the Face

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