Taking Years off Your Face with the Face Yoga Method

If you’re in the Third Age Mojo Facebook Group (psst, you can join us!), you’ve definitely seen me post pictures and videos of me doing some Face Yoga exercises. If you have been curious about it, I figured now was the perfect time to share more about this revolutionary exercise.

I’ve been pretty open about my own struggles with aging and how I felt I looked just a few short years ago. While I found a great CBD skincare routine that worked wonders for me, I also practice Face Yoga on almost a daily basis.

Gain a More Youthful, Radiant Complexion

In the shortest explanation possible, Face Yoga is a completely natural alternative to anti-aging remedies. In fact, it’s just a series of facial exercises you can learn to tone the muscles beneath your skin! It also helps to increase facial circulation and blood flow, which results in a more youthful complexion.

Face Yoga founder Fumiko Takatsu stumbled upon the method when she was in her 30s. During a trip to California, her car was hit at high speed while she was riding as a passenger. Lucky to be alive but pained at the damage to her face, Takatsu bought all the expensive creams and lotions she could find. Then one day, she realized that if she could exercise her body muscles that she should be able to do the same with her face.

After practicing facial exercises for several weeks, friends and family started to tell her how much younger and more aligned she was looking. They wanted to know what she had done and how they could do the same.

How to Practice Face Yoga

The Face Yoga Method is best if practiced every day. Takatsu even recommends doing so first thing in the morning and right before going to bed. When you do your poses first thing in the morning, it helps to wake up the facial muscles and makes you more aware of their movements throughout the day. Before bed it helps to relax the muscles you used during the day. And bonus – it helps to relax your mind as well!

If you want to learn more about Face Yoga, we highly recommend starting with the Jumpstart programs. In only 28 days, you can change your forehead, mouth and cheeks, eye area, or neck and jawline. Each jumpstart helps you improve one area of the face and contains 28 days of exercises, the Face Yoga cheat sheet, and access to videos in the site.

It’s a great way to get started and see the improvements for yourself for only $57. Dive in and tell us in the group how much younger your face looks and feels after the first few weeks!