Get Fit & Healthy at Any Age

One of the main tenets of Third Age Mojo is understanding that our health has a massive impact on how well we can thrive. We know that eating fresh, healthy food is important, as are robust exercise and restorative sleep.

To help and improve my own health, I recently started working with a truly inspiring woman and I want to introduce you to her program! Joan MacDonald and her daughter Michelle run Train with Joan, a fitness program for people of all ages.

Getting in Shape in Your 70s

Let’s take a step back and look at Joan. At 70, she knew that her health was deteriorating. She was overweight, had poor mobility, and was on countless medications. Her multiple health issues made her understand that she needed to make a change.

That’s when her daughter, fitness coach Michelle, stepped in to help. With her coach and a community behind her, Joan was able to take her health back and save her life with her exercise and nutrition plan.

I just want to point out here that she was in her 70s when she started her journey!

Her Fitness Program

I recently signed up for her program and I’m so excited to see my progress as I go! For just $10/month, I’m able to get a program that meets me at my own level. That means you can, too!

She offers three basic programs:

  • Limited range of motion – with low-impact, assisted workouts to get you started
  • Beginner home workout – for those with a foundation that want to build strength and mobility
  • Intermediate home workout – to level up and build your strength and mobility with Michelle

Her program also includes satisfying, easy meal plans to help you stick to your goals and make it easier according to your diet and tastes. Add in her amazing community that will help you stay positive and motivated and you really can’t lose.

Train with Joan will help you build your confidence and change your mindset around your health. I’d love to have you join me in this journey!