Developing Healthier Habits with MyFitnessPal

Confession – we’ve all struggled with the Quarantine Fifteen. Our lives changed overnight, we suddenly had to spend more time at home, gyms closed, and well, food delivery got really easy (plus, we needed to support our local restaurants!). It’s no surprise with the way the world has changed that so have our eating habits.

We’re not just about improving our minds in our Third Age. If you’ve been with us for longer than a couple of weeks, you know that we’re all about improving our physical health as well, because good physical health will help us have the best Third Age possible!

As we head into the holiday seasons, we figured now was a great time to highlight a great new way to build healthy habits – MyFitnessPal.

Easy-to-Use Food Tracking App

MyFitnessPal is the number one tool for tracking what you eat and learning how to eat! The best part? There’s a free version that lets you do a lot without ever having to spend a dime.

Trusted by personal trainers and nutrition experts to help their clients hone in their eating, MyFitnessPal at its simplest is a food diary that helps you understand your habits. After all, once you see your patterns, it’s a lot easier to increase the likelihood of hitting your goals.

Whether you’re working with a nutrition coach or not, MyFitnessPal can help you set your daily eating goals so you know what combination of foods to eat. It makes it super simple to track and log what you’re eating with one of the largest databases of nutrition information available. Use the barcode scanner to scan packaged foods and even save your own meals and recipes for easy logging later on.

Free Membership Tier

With the free membership tier, you’ll get: 

  • Easily track what you’re eating with just a few clicks
  • A searchable food database of over 300,000,000 items – and it’s growing every day!
  • Your own personal food database – add your own foods and recipes at any time and access them from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Free mobile apps for iPhone and Android – so you can log your meals and exercise even when you are on the go
  • Discussion forums let you learn from others, share your own tips, receive and give encouragement, and make friends.
  • A personalized diet profile – customized to your unique weight loss goals.
  • Flexibility – Track any diet like Atkins, the South Beach Diet, the Zone, and more. 

Premium Membership

If you want to take it up just a notch, the premium membership is only $9.99/month or $49.99/year. With a premium membership, you’ll get access to:

  • Guided fitness and nutrition plans
  • Customizable carbs, protein, and fat goals
  • Custom home screen dashboard
  • Food analysis and insights
  • Quick-add options
  • Ad-free experience
  • File export of your progress

Getting Healthy for the Holidays

If you want to rebuild those healthy habits so you don’t get knocked down by the normal holiday indulgence, we recommend signing up for the free account now and playing around with it. It’s amazing what you can learn about yourself and your eating habits when you start keeping a simple diary of what you’re eating every day!

You can do a lot with a free account, so we think this is totally worth the time investment.