The Power of Intergenerational Relationships

Can I tell you a personal pet peeve? I hate when a younger person says “Hey Boomer” to me.

Why do the generations have to be pitted against each other?

We should be learning from each other, working together to make not only our lives richer but create a better world.

I’ve been working in direct response marketing for a while, and I love that everyone is looking out for each other and how we can help each other succeed. 

That’s the kind of collaboration we should have with the generations!

Affiliate Secrets with Laura Jimenez

I had a great discussion about intergenerational relationships, the beauty of affiliate marketing, and so much more with Laura Jimenez on her podcast recently.

Laura embarked on her affiliate journey in 2019, fueled by a passion for health and nutraceuticals. Now a coach on a mission to empower other budding entrepreneurs, she focuses on education and guidance.

This is an industry that anyone can get involved in and I love that Laura is helping people do that, no matter their age!

Take a listen to our conversation.

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