6 Essentials to Boost Your Memory

As Third Agers, we’ve built a lifetime of incredible memories – cherished moments with family, triumphs over challenges, and the wisdom that comes with experience. But let’s face it, sometimes the names or details of those memories can slip away. 

Keeping our minds sharp isn’t just about remembering birthdays or grocery lists; it’s about staying connected to the experiences that have shaped who we are and embracing the new experiences that lie ahead.

Let’s explore some helpful products to help you boost your memory and improve cognition.


Enhance Memory with TumericCBD

You know that I love natural products and CBD, and this is one of my favorites. This CBD solution contains 6000mg of Turmeric and 300mg of Full Spectrum CBD. Turmeric is a great way to relieve inflammation, reduce cholesterol, and so much more. This combination helps to not only relieve joint and muscle stiffness and support healthy blood sugar levels, but also to improve your focus and mood and even support memory and brain function. You can’t get a better supplement!

Draw Your Way to a Better Memory

Artistic endeavors can do a lot to keep our brains sharp. Start drawing to improve yours! If you’ve never drawn before, the classic Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain is the perfect companion to get you started. You’ll love the creations you make and you’ll be doing something that helps to improve your memory.

drawing on the right side of the brain cover
2024 crossword puzzles

Try Some Puzzles

You’ve probably heard all too often that puzzles can help you improve your memory, but that’s because it’s true! A classic way to get the brain flowing is through a fun crossword puzzle and this book comes with 100 puzzles specifically designed for adults. You’ll get some great mental exercises and a lot of fun in this easy-to-carry puzzle book.

Read a Good Book

A great way to stay sharp? Read some fiction books! Reading has been proven to not only exercise your brain, but improve your focus and memory, reduce your stress, and even help you live longer. Make it fun with this new bestseller First Lie Wins, loved by thousands of readers and Reese Witherspoon’s book club. It’s a thriller that you won’t be able to put down.

First Lie Wins Book Cover
lumosity app

Play Some Memory Games

Got a phone in your pocket? Put it to good use for your memory with Lumosity! This app gives you lots of options for a variety of brain-training games to help keep your mind sharp. Lumosity offers 40+ games and puzzles that test and train memory, logic, math skills, and more to give your mind a literal workout.

instructional yoga mat

Move Your Body

Speaking of a workout, moving your body can do a lot to help your brain health. It’s no secret that my favorite workout is yoga and for that you’ll always need a good mat. Grab this great, anti-slip yoga mat! It includes 75 illustrated yoga poses so you have a reference wherever you are. It’s got ¼” of comfortable padding and is easy to take anywhere. I like that it’s a little oversized so it’s so easy to use for my practice.