Breeze Aero is the Perfect Grab and Go Paddle Board

Have you had a chance to try paddle boarding yet? We absolutely love it! It’s such a fun way to get out on the lake or river near you and enjoy some sun and water. It’s also a nice, relaxing way to sneakily get in a good workout. (We swear, it doesn’t feel like a workout, but you’ll definitely work that core!)

Lightweight and Easy to Transport

One of the biggest problems with owning your own paddle board is transportation. If you don’t want to have to only go where there are rental companies offering them, it can be a bit of a bear to get a paddle board in a smaller vehicle or try and tie it on top.

Enter the Breeze Aero – an inflatable paddle board! It’s perfect for a spontaneous weekend getaway or a chill day at your local beach. Built for the hobbyist, it’s offered in two sizes – 10’8” (250lbs capacity) and 11’6” (315lbs capacity).

Even though it’s inflatable, don’t let it fool you. This board is super stable and fun to use. It is designed with Bote Board’s AeroULTRA TechnologyTM for the ultimate lightweight yet durable paddle boarding experience. 

And get this – it only weighs between 20-22lbs fully loaded in the backpack that comes with it. It’s perfect to throw in the truck and even carry a little further from the parking area to where you want to cast off.

Plus it Comes in 5 Designs

If you’re going to be buying your own paddle board, we know you kind of want it to look cool (let’s be real). We love that the Breeze Aero comes in five different styles, two of which include a faux wood inlay against their seafoam, cool gray, and accents of burnt orange. The Native Floral option gives you a slate gray base with a bright floral pattern and the Native Eclipse gives you a white stripe down the center with eclipse-reminiscent colors at the front. 

What it Includes

Every paddle board includes the inflatable board, a 3-piece adjustable SUP paddle, a removable aero center fit, repair kit, hand pump, and travel bag. Upgrade with an auto electric pump to make your ride time even easier!

You’re ready to go wherever you want in one easy kit. Just grab and get out into nature!