How to Be an Elder

What makes us an elder? One that takes the wisdom of our years and uses it to drive our curiosity forward and create new experiences?

We don’t believe our Third Age should be a time that we rest on our laurels or to think that we have nothing left to offer. It’s one reason we found Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés’ book How to Be an Elder so intriguing.

In this delightful audiobook, she takes us through her years of research into the Wise Woman Archetype in teachings, stories, poetry, and blessings. She invites us to come into our own as wiser and wild souls and learn how we might do that through these six audio sessions.

In this audiobook, Dr. Estés explores what it means to be young while old and old while young. To learn that we are much like seedlings who grow into strong trees, striding onward in our better, more learned ways and to blossom wildly for others.

“Did I mention, dear brave souls,” reminds Dr. Estés, “that you came with all the seedlings needed to do your work, to take your venerable places in life? Now is the just-right time, like Sleeping Beauty, to break the enchantment, to truly awaken and awaken others, as either a rookie Dangerous Old Woman, or a mid-career Dangerous Old Woman, or as Crone with Crown complete!”

This book may sound a little different, but we think you’ll delight in the stories and lessons she presents throughout the book. We often forget all that we can learn in the stories from those who have come before us and how those stories and lessons can help us enrich our own lives.

Reader Reviews

But don’t take our words for it! Just check out some of these reviews from Amazon:

[I] recommend this for any woman 50 and older”


She [Dr. Estés] takes me out of my linear thinking to a place of dark creativity and offers a path to joy. This audio book provided me with just the right amount of creative companionship in support of my life review and thoughts about my future.”


Exceptional, unique insights. No soft ‘new-age’ hyperbole. Just truth from one who is an elder. This is substance in its purest form.”

Growing with Other Women

If you want to learn to grow with other women, to learn to blossom and combine your age and wisdom with the richness of life, we highly recommend this book!