Improving Your Brain with Drawing

There’s a common misconception that if you didn’t start drawing or participating in artistic activities when you were young that you can never learn.

But that’s so incorrect!

We’ve already talked about music’s positive impact on your brain, but did you know that drawing is a great way to improve your memory? It can also help to reduce anxiety, improve your concentration, ease physical pain, and even make you more resilient.

Drawing is not out of reach for anyone either! The classic Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain will give you confidence and the skills you need to draw. Even if you can barely draw a stick figure now!

Learn Basic Drawing Skills

If you think you’ve heard of this book before, you probably have! Originally published in 1979, author Dr. Betty Edwards has revised the book three times to update and include advances in the techniques and the underlying theory.

You see, what’s so incredible about this book is that it’s not simply a drawing instruction manual. Based on the Noble-prize winning work of Dr. Roger W. Sperry, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain takes a look at the science of the brain. Dr. Edwards shows her readers how the left and right hemispheres work together and teaches you how to bring your non-dominant right hemisphere forward.

Everyone Can Draw

If you’re one of those who feels you just don’t have the innate skills to draw, this book is for you! Dr. Edwards method in Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain is particularly helpful at teaching those of us who think drawing just isn’t within their wheelhouse. She’ll teach you how to perceive the world a bit differently so that you can recreate it on paper.

Highly Recommended for New Artists

The 4.7 rating on Amazon, however, is where you’ll find the true feedback. Many of the reviews mention how life-changing this book is. Not just for drawing, but for also unlocking their creative, right side of the brain! 

Multiple reviews mention the stress-relief they find from not only drawing, but from connecting with the right side of their brain. Others talk about the excellent mix of theory and practical instruction.

Whatever your impetus for learning to draw – whether it’s to improve your skillset or to benefit your brain – this book is the definitive guide.

Grab your drawing pencils and let’s get creative!