Lean Into Your Artistic Side with Acrylic Pouring

Last month, we were all about building new healthy habits. After all, there’s nothing to say we can’t learn new things and enjoy new experiences!

If you’ve been wanting to explore your artistic side but were intimidated by your lack of “skill,” we’ve got a fun new option for you! In fact, we bet you already know how to do this. You probably even have muscle memory from when you were 7! This is just the modern, adult version.

Meet Acrylic Pouring

Acrylic Paint Pouring is a fluid painting technique used to create art by pouring acrylic paint onto a canvas. Much like we did when we were kids with Spin Art, the Acrylic Pouring technique allows artists to apply colour in puddles, pools and marble-like patterns. Just without the cool spinning table (well, unless you can find one on EBay or Etsy).

Acrylic pouring has become quite the social media craze over the last few years for its relaxing methods and the ability to create something artistic without being a traditionally great artist. There are tons of different methods to employ, too, so nothing you create has to be the same.

Learn Acrylic Pouring Techniques

If you want to learn more about how and what you can practice acrylic pour on (not just canvas, but it can also be done to coasters, home decor, and even counter tops!), there are some excellent resources. However, we really like this great Complete Acrylic Pouring Techniques Guide that walks you through the materials you’ll need and the basic techniques you can employ.

Getting Started with Acrylic Pouring

Want a super easy way to get started and get all the materials you need to practice? This Deluxe Starter Paint Pouring Kit from Amazon includes stretched canvas, silicone oil, and premixed acrylic paint – all in one convenient $35.99 purchase!

This kit comes with 4 8×8 square stretched canvases, 12 colors – 5 metallic and 7 regular, a reusable drop cloth, drying rack, plastic cubs, disposable gloves, glitter, sticks, and even an instruction booklet. 

It’s the perfect way to get started, relax, and get away from the screens for an afternoon of fun! Plus it’s perfect for spending time with the grandkids and loved ones, too.