Learning Technology Through Senior Planet

Keeping up with all the changes in technology isn’t always fun. In fact, when you think about the technology changes we’ve seen in our lifetimes, and how much has accelerated in just the last 20-30 years, it can be a bit dizzying.

An organization is trying to change all that and make technology accessible to everyone, including us third agers. Senior Planet operates courses, programs, and activities to help us learn new technologies, save money, and even get active and make new friends. (Yes! We’re all about keeping moving over here!)

One thing we love about Senior Planet is that it’s not just about teaching us old dogs new tricks. No, it’s about showing older adults how to work with the latest gadgets, apps, and websites to aid us in coming together and finding new ways to learn, work, create, and thrive. Love that!

While Senior Planet started with in-person classes in NYC by Dr. Thomas Kamber, it’s now a global mission with lots of online opportunities you can benefit from. They have 6 locations in the US where they normally offer in-person classes, but unfortunately due to COVID they’re currently closed.

Online Learning Events

That doesn’t mean you can’t learn! They currently offer a huge variety of classes virtually. And really, that’s better for us anyway because then we don’t have to live near one of their centers.

These classes range from everything from learning about podcasts to Google WorkSpace and Cloud Storage to technology chats to meditation and yoga. We said we loved that they help keep us moving!

Most of the events are free to attend and they offer multiple classes in a day which means you’ll be able to jump in and learn almost anything on a given day. We highly recommend checking out a class and most are just a matter of joining a Zoom call (which we all got great at over the last year, right?).

Aging with Attitude

We love that they’ve created such a great community around their mission of “aging with attitude.” We know that thriving in our third age means a variety of things, but mostly it means being open to new experiences and new ideas. 

If you’re looking for free, fun educational content, we highly suggest checking out some of their events.