Making Cooking a Together Activity

If you’ve often wanted a bit more equality in your own relationship, one place you can start is with cooking!


Recent studies have found that new, older couples opt to cohabitate and date rather than get married again. One reason? It helps them feel more independent in the relationship.

While we all lived through time periods that our mothers were expected to take care of the home, the world has changed.

Cooking doesn’t even have to be a chore; it can be an activity that you both enjoy doing together!

Before you go off and order one of those expensive meal kits though, might we suggest The Complete Cooking for Two Cookbook?

650 Recipes to Make Together

This New York Times Bestseller is the perfect way to discover some new recipes and learn to cook for a smaller crowd. In fact, this book from America’s Test Kitchen is one of the first to scale down some of the most popular recipes to serve just two people.

Avoid the leftovers that you’ll never eat, and get recipes for even the most complicated dishes, from soups and stews to stir-fries, meatloaf, and even your favorite desserts!

You’ll probably want to start with the “Just the right number” of freshly baked cookies. Yum!

Eat Healthier by Cooking for Two

Many of the five star reviews mention how much they love the recipes in the book and how easy they are to follow. Several love how easy it is to cook them as a couple.

But the best “side effect” of this cookbook? Healthier eating and saving money on groceries!

Complete Cooking for Two teaches you how to shop smarter at the grocery store, preventing you from buying things you don’t need that will just go to waste.

Improve Your Relationship by Cooking Together

Cooking doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, if you have a plan and a great resource like the Complete Cooking for Two Cookbook, you’ll be able to turn it into something wonderful to do together.

Plus, studies show that cooking together as a couple can strengthen your relationship.

Make preparing fresh meals a new part of your routine!