Puzzles that Delight All Ages

Art has the ability to bridge the generational gap like almost nothing else. Stories, paintings, music, theater, and more have long been the way that we communicated the human existence down through the generations.

Think of the women who shared stories over the loom or while churning butter!

Beautiful and Unique Puzzle Sets

In that spirit of celebrating art and stories, we are taking a look at Winking Kat Productions, a creation of Pat Haines-Ainsworth, who, for the past 19 years, has been writing, directing, and producing plays for young audiences from pre-K to teens. She’s all about connections between generations. Pat does a podcast, writes books, and now in her Third Age has started creating beautiful jigsaw puzzles.

It’s the Winking Kat Mission to create fun new outlets to entertain people of all ages.

Pat cites her inspiration as her own experience working with children. That listening to their observations, watching their excitement, learning their interests, and learning about new innovations has really invigorated her to create and share her work.

With a variety from the more traditional photographic to the custom illustrated portraits and even abstract designs, there’s something for everyone who likes puzzles. It’s even a perfect activity to do together while you share some stories!

Amara circular jigsaw puzzle

Amara Circular Jigsaw Puzzle

This 350-piece, circular jigsaw puzzle features a stylized portrait of a woman from East Africa.  Plus, a portion of the profits from this puzzle and others in the series will be donated to international women’s charities that strengthen the health, education, and self-confidence of women in communities on every continent.

Elements Series: Water Jigsaw Puzzle

Love a more abstract puzzle? This 500 piece jigsaw comes from the Elements Series. It features colorful and fun graphic design images to represent familiar concepts and ideas, like the ancient element of Water.

Geometric water jigsaw puzzle
Mt. Rainier photo jigsaw puzzle

World View Series: Mt. Rainier, USA

Fan of more traditional puzzles? This beautiful photo-style puzzle features Washington’s Mt. Rainier covered in snow. It’s just 240 pieces so it’s a great entry point for your younger puzzling companions!