5 Things to Power Your Side Hustle

Many Third Agers are discovering the joys (and benefits) of side hustles. These aren’t just about making a little extra cash, although that’s certainly a perk. Side hustles can offer you a chance to stay active, share your passions, and connect with your community.

If you’re thinking about starting a new side hustle, you might want to grab some necessities to make keeping track of your gigs a little easier.

We’ve got 5 things you’ll need to power your new side hustle.

lenovo chromebook

Start with a Laptop

Sure, you can do a lot with your phone, but some things are just easier on a bigger screen. But you probably don’t need one with all the expensive bells and whistles either. Enter the Lenovo Chromebook. This surprisingly powerful device is affordable and has a 14” touchscreen so you’re able to use it multiple ways. It comes with thousands of Google-compatible apps and because it’s simple, has an impressive battery life. You’ll be ready for Zoom, spreadsheets, or anything else you’ll need.

Make Powerful Spreadsheets

Want to keep track of all of your numbers and side hustles with a great spreadsheet? Using the other guy’s will cost you a monthly subscription. Want to know what you can use for free? Google Sheets! They have all the same features you’re used to, but are free with a Google account. You can use this with a simple Gmail account or create a Google Workspace account. You won’t just get Sheets either, but a whole suite of powerful apps for your business.

Track Everything in This Notebook

Not a fan of digital trackers or do you like handwriting everything first? Keep track of your income and expenses with this Clever Fox tracker. This ledger book is the upgraded version of what you’re used to and gives you enough pages for 2 years of stress-free accounting. Easily analyze everything in your side hustle in one place. It even comes with a user guide so you can use every feature!

Write Seamlessly with These Pens

There’s nothing quite as good as a great pen. That’s why I love these uni-ball Rollerball pens. They’re fine-point with smooth-flowing ink that won’t fade. So if you want, you can go back to your notes from years ago. But we love that you’ll never be drawing circles or shaking it to keep it writing. It’ll keep flowing and let you write without distraction.

uniball vision pens
Post it

Remind Yourself with Post-It Notes

Yes, this may sound silly, but I LOVE a good post-it note. It’s how I remind myself of so many things for my side hustles. Stay on top of everything with these lined Post-it notes. They’re super sticky so you won’t lose them where you left them and they’re even made from recycled paper so you don’t have to feel the guilt of using them. If you’re like me, you’ll keep a pack on hand at all times.