The Hiking Gear You Need

Want to hit the trails so you can improve your health, mind, and spirit?

Hiking has a lot of great health benefits, like its ability to improve bone density, cardiovascular health, and even your mental health.

But it’s also great because it lets you explore new areas that you can only really see on foot.

If you’ve been looking at pictures online and wishing you could do that, too, it’s time to get ready! There’s no reason you can’t be enjoying a few good hikes this year. Prepare your body, then grab the gear you need to make a hiking trip a success.

Merrel hiking shoes

Merrell MOAB 2 WTPF Hiking Shoes

What you put on your feet matters when you’re hiking. You need a supportive, comfortable shoe, and thousands of reviews say these are the best right out of the box! These innovative shoes are breathable but keep water out so you’ll stay dry as you walk. Targeted heel cushioning keeps your feet happy with every step throughout your walk.

Walk Anywhere Easily with the TrailBuddy Trekking Poles

Do you love the idea of hikes but worry about getting tired on the trail? Make your walks easier (and even get a bit of an upper-body workout in!) with these trekking poles. Collapsible and adjustable, these walking poles will fit in your backpack. At only 1.3 pounds, they’re super easy to carry, too. With moisture-wicking handles and secure grips, these will quickly become your favorite trail accessory. Plus, they even come in a variety of colors to showcase your personality!

trail buddy trekking poles
venture pal backpack

Carry What You Need

If you’re just heading out on a day trip, you don’t need a fancy hiking pack, but you do need a good backpack to carry some essentials with you on the trail. Make it easy with this super-spacious but foldable backpack. This ultra-lightweight backpack is tear and water resistant but has several pockets to carry everything you need. You’ve got spots for water bottles on the sides and a chest strap to help distribute the weight of your pack. This is perfect for beginning hikers and comes in a variety of colors to fit your style.

Protect Life First Aid Kit

Being out in nature requires you to be prepared. Throw this handy first aid kit in your G4Free backpack for your next hike. This 100-piece set includes necessities like a First Aid Guide, antiseptic, and bandages, plus things you may not think about – an emergency blanket, tourniquet, tweezers, and safety pins.

protect life first aid kit
portable phone charger

Keep Your Phone Charged

It’s important to have plenty of charge on your phone so you can navigate the trail and call for help if you need it. Ensure you have enough power by bringing along this compact charger. It fits right into the bottom of your phone and requires no cords or extras that you need to bring. Charge it before you leave, and you can charge your phone 1-1.2 times while you’re on the trail.

Eat Anywhere with This Travel Spork

We love this travel spork for eating on the trails! Recommended by Backroads Travel, this spoon-knife-fork combo from Light My Fire makes eating on the go simple. Not only can it help you eat healthy on the go, but it can help you reduce waste, too. This four pack is all you’ll need on your next adventure!

light my fire travel spork