Cook Together and Eat Healthier

The cost of groceries keeps rising and it feels like it could be easier to grab something “quick.” While that might feel cheaper at the time, eating out can quickly get expensive – not only with the cost of dining out but also with the health risks that come from it.

When we eat out frequently, especially at fast food restaurants, evidence shows that we can have higher rates of health conditions such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and some cancers. 

What’s the answer to that? Cooking at home!

Cooking and eating at home makes it easier to eat healthier and surveys among older adults show that those who eat with someone else rate their diets as excellent.

If you’re used to cooking larger meals or just want some new recipes to try at home, then you’ll want to grab this Healthy Cookbook for Two.

With 175 Delicious Recipes

From chef Michelle Anderson who worked across North America and the Middle East, Healthy Cookbook for Two includes a wide variety of dishes so dinner time never gets boring.

It includes quick recipes so you never have an excuse to not cook at home and a guide to shopping and meal planning for the week to save you time and money. (So important right now!)

You’ll get to cook delicious meals like  Artichoke Tomato Frittata, Thai Seafood Soup, Greens and Snow Peas Salad, Chicken Broccoli Casserole, Pork Tenderloin with Lemon Sauce, and more.

All of the recipes are portioned for two to help you cook the right amount of food for whoever’s at your table. You can invite a friend, family member, or share with your partner and enjoy delicious, nourishing meals every day of the week.

It’s not just your main meals either! Healthy Cookbook for Two includes sides and desserts to accompany your meal.

Plan Meals Effectively

Going from cooking for teenagers to no one else can be an adjustment for anyone. Learn how to meal plan for two (or one) with the sample meal plans and shopping tips in the book.

You’ll soon be putting recipes together to make the most out of your grocery budget and time.

Reviews love how easy it is to cook for two with this book and how it’s helped them transition to cooking healthier, more whole foods while saving money at the store.

Make Cooking for Two Easy

Turn cooking into something fun and exciting with Healthy Cookbook for Two. You’ll love exploring new foods and enjoying cooking at home again.

Planning ahead will help you to eat healthier, save money, and enjoy your time together. 

Make it easy with the Healthy Cookbook for Two.