Create a Beautiful Garden on a Budget

Picture this: it’s a beautiful summer day, and you walk outside to find fresh tomatoes, squash, and peppers ready in your backyard. You have flowers and bushes that are thriving, and you can hear bees humming.

Want to create that garden?

Gardening is a great activity for Third Agers, with studies showing that it can improve our sleep cycles, lower agitation, and even decrease isolation if we garden with others. 

You might want to garden to lower your food costs, get exercise, or have a beautiful outdoor space you love spending time in. However, gardening can get expensive with everything you’re “supposed” to have.

Make it economical with Denver gardening expert Rob Proctor’s book Gardening on a Shoestring.

Learn from the Gardening Magician

I’ve loved following Rob Proctor for years. He’s taught and influenced many gardeners in the Denver area since the 90s.

Within Gardening on a Shoestring, he teaches you how to create beautiful gardens without a crazy budget. His tips will help you save money and use innovative techniques to give you a garden you’ve always dreamed of.

He’ll teach you to find the best plants for your region (saving you money and a lot of stress), when to plant, and how to choose the right size of plants, too.

You’ll enjoy practical, savvy techniques that will make you an expert at the local gardening store and help you transform your garden.

Whether you want to plant flowers or vegetables.

No Nonsense Gardening

Using Gardening on a Shoestring as your guide, you’ll learn no-nonsense gardening techniques that will transform your own space.

The reviews love how conversational the book is, Rob’s humor, the beautiful pictures, and how easy he makes everything to understand, even for gardening novices.

If you want to get outside this Spring and create the garden of your dreams, it’s time to start planning.

Grab Gardening on a Shoestring and transform your outdoor space!