Discover the Future of Work – Coworking

Have you started working remotely in the last couple of years?

During COVID, the state of work changed completely from what we were used to. While many are back in the office, about 16% of the workforce globally is fully remote. In fact, 77% of remote workers claim they work better from home.

While some of us might be heading into the office a couple of days a week, what if you need that office feel sometimes but you’re hundreds or thousands of miles away from the “office”?

A great local coworking space might be your perfect solution and Coworker can help you find that space!

Book a Space on Coworker

One of the biggest advantages of Coworker is that it provides you access to just about any kind of remote workspace you might need.

You can use their easy search to find a private office, desk space, or even meeting space from over 18,500 spaces in 172 countries around the world.

Coworker actually could be the perfect solution for those of us wanting to explore the digital nomad life, too!

Compare CoWorking Spaces Around the World

One of the disadvantages to many of the coworking spaces we’ve come into contact with have been the monthly fees. Sometimes, you just want to change up your working space for a few days instead of making it a regular occurrence.

Coworker allows you to compare all the coworking spaces near you (or near a place you’re traveling to!), to help you find the right fit. Then, you just book for the day or days you actually want.

With the ability to find meeting rooms, too, you can break out of the need to discover a quiet cafe that won’t mind you hanging around.

Connect Across the Generations

One of the best advantages to coworking is your ability to meet new people. Whether you’re launching a new consulting business or just wanting to get out of the home to get some work done, a coworking space can put you in the path of some amazing people of all ages.

You’ll get to meet everyone from new business owners to remote freelancers and full-time workers just trying to get out of the home.

At collaborative workspaces, you’ll be a part of a group of people who share similar interests, objectives, and even entrepreneurial pursuits. They make a great foundation for a new community!

Discover Trusted Coworking Spaces

Because Coworker does all the vetting for you, you’ll know that the space you’re booking is a real, trusted coworking space. 

Plus, you’re never charged by Coworker, just the space you’re booking into.

If you’re ready to find a new space to work from and meet a new group of people, start looking for your new favorite Coworking space!