Engaging Physical Activities for Families to Enjoy Together

You know that it’s important to stay active as you get older. You also want to be able to spend quality time with your younger family and loved ones.

It’s not just about our benefit though! As older adults, it’s important that we keep moving and stay active. But it’s also important for the kids we’re spending time with. Our own positive influence of showing them that staying active is important can have important benefits for their own mental health and teaches them to stay active.

It might seem a bit difficult to know where to start, however. We’ve compiled a few ideas that you can grab and start getting active with your own family and loved ones!

303 kid approved active games

Get 303 Fun Ideas for Active Games

Not really sure where you should start? If you’re unsure of what to suggest to do with your grandkids or younger loved ones, grab this awesome book of 303 kid-approved active games. You’ll get them away from the game consoles and doing something more active – with you! Spend quality, healthy time together!

Dance it Out with Taj Mahal

You might remember this throwback choice! Released in 1988 by blues artist Taj Mahal, Shake Sugaree contains fun songs to listen and dance to with your favorite kids. They’ll love the different sound and you’ll love being able to share something you loved when you were younger.

shake sugaree album
Skechers shoes for men and women

Get the Right Shoes for a Walk

One of the easiest ways to increase our physical activity is to literally just get off the couch and move! Go for a walk together around your neighborhood, head to a local park and take in the scenery, or even do a few laps around Target. Make those walks comfortable and easy with the Skechers Go Walk shoe. With models for both men and women, these Skechers are super easy to slide on and comfortable for that next stroll.

pickle ball paddles

Dive Into Pickleball with These Paddles

Everyone is falling in love with pickleball – all ages – and it’s easy to see why! This game is fun but not so strenuous that you’ll want to keep playing for hours. These pickleball paddles from Niupipo come with four balls and a carrying bag for only $62.99. The fiberglass face and honeycomb composition underneath help these paddles to be lightweight and gentle on your elbows.

Connect with Teens on a Deeper Level

Have a teen of your own or wanting to connect deeper to your teenage grandchild? Make it easier with these 131 connecting conversations! These conversation ideas will help you engage with your teenage loved one like never before and help you to build a deeper relationship while you do something fun together.

connecting conversations parents and teens