Free Yourself and Be Codependent No More

Be honest with yourself for a minute – do you feel like you have lost yourself over the years because you’ve been too busy helping someone else?

Being a caregiver for a loved one can be a noble thing, but it should never come at the expense of you losing yourself in that relationship.

It can be so much more than that, too. Losing yourself by putting a loved one first – often to a destructive result – can quickly lead to trauma and no sense of your own identity.

Regain who you are and learn how to create healthy boundaries with Melody Beattie’s revolutionary Codependent No More.

Start Caring for Yourself

Are you ready to heal and stop putting someone else’s problem ahead of your own needs? 

Stop tending to your loved one’s self-destructive behavior and start learning to create healthy boundaries. You can stop just surviving life and instead learn to live it.

Through her own tragedies, Beattie found that the only person she could change was herself. While she helped herself, she also counseled others to move past their dependency on their loved ones and start learning to thrive.

Beattie wrote Codependent No More to help others move past their own personal bad habits, break destructive patterns, and get a clear path toward healing, hope, freedom, and happiness.

Within the book, Beattie uses personal reflections, exercises, and instruction stories from real people to help you find yourself. Plus, this revised edition includes a new chapter on trauma and anxiety – sources of many of our own codependent natures to begin with.

The Ultimate Self Care

Self-care doesn’t just include bath bombs and vacations. It can and should include taking care of yourself and your own self-esteem.

The thousands of five-star reviews all love how easy this book is to read and how insightful it is to their own behaviors. But what they love most is that it’s helpful and loving while helping you break your own cycles and learn how to hold yourself accountable for your feelings and your boundaries.

With this book, you can start to build better, healthier relationships – with your spouse, partner, children, friends, and everyone you bring into your life.

Get Codependent Support

Let me tell you something personal. A few months ago, I realized that codependency was something I struggled with more than I ever understood.

So I started attending local CODA – Co-Depenedents Anonymous – meetings.

It has been life-changing!

If you love Codependent No More and want more support, you can find a meeting near you, too.