Living Life Over Sixty

I love highlighting people doing extraordinary things in their Third Age and Sandra Hart is leading the charge in a big way.

In her eighth decade of life, Sandra has a thriving YouTube channel where she gets real and honest about her life over 60, her favorite anti-aging secrets (mental and physical), and all of the beauty of a well-lived life.

Intimate Chats to Make Sense of Your Third Chapter

A Romper Room star and an anchor for a CBS affiliate, Sandra started a second career when she hit her 50s.

She knew it was never too late to start over and live the life she wanted. Since then, she has been an actress in over 20 feature films, numerous television series, and off-Broadway productions. She’s also an accomplished writer, life coach, and YouTube influencer.

I discovered her vlog Life Over Sixty a while back and absolutely love it!

Sandra covers a variety of topics important to anyone, but especially those of us over a “certain age.”

Recent videos cover:

  • Living what you believe
  • Her best anti-aging advice
  • Grief and whether it ever ends
  • And how to reboot your life.

Never Too Late to Live Your Dreams

Sandra’s intimate chats and practical tips are fun and motivating. You’ll love subscribing to her channel and getting excited to live the life you’ve always wanted. With nearly half a million subscribers, you’ll find a loving and engaging community to keep you motivated, too!