Get Inspired by Late-in-Life Painter Grandma Moses

Have you been looking for an activity that can reduce your stress and provide a fulfilling hobby?

Painting might be the answer for you!

It’s never too late to learn either. Just look at Grandma Moses who turned to painting when she was 79 and her arthritis made it too difficult for her to embroider anymore.

An American Modern Classic

Anna Mary Robertson Moses was born in 1860 in New York. As a child growing up, she had drawn and colored in pictures with berries and other natural ingredients, but her life as a farm hand and wife meant that she had to put her artistic endeavors aside.

It wasn’t until after her husband died that she started to recreate the scenes around her in embroidery. And when her hands could no longer work a needle, she turned to painting, quickly capturing the attention of engineer and art collector Louis Caldor. He bought her stock of 15 paintings and soon had them exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

The press became enamored with her naive, colorful style that harkened back to simpler times.

Dive Deeper Into Grandma Moses’s Work

If you’re looking for inspiration that it’s never too late to try something you’ve always wanted to, we love this re-examination of Grandma Moses’s style and work.

Grandma Moses: An American Modern showcases her work and lays it next to her life and what may have inspired her to create some of her most famous pieces.

We love this book for its beautiful illustrations and artwork. But we also love that it provides a great, in-depth look at a pretty remarkable woman.

And if you love her work, there are some excellent prints available that you can hang up in your home to love all of the time.

Grandma Moses is just further proof that we can do anything we want to with our lives – at any time!