Give Back at Local Schools

Working with other generations can be one of the most effective ways to improve the world we live in.

After all, I truly believe that we can all learn something from each other.

And researchers have found that us Olders have distinctive qualities to help our youth. Why not put that into action by volunteering with a local school?

There are plenty of ways that you can get involved with school-aged children, but we love the idea of getting involved right in the classroom. So many schools are looking for excellent volunteers to help their students succeed.

Be a Mentor Through a Citizen School

If you love the idea of mentoring the younger generation, you might be able to find a local program near you like Citizen Schools.

Citizen Schools has been a pioneer in educational equity for over 25 years. They help to connect students with hands-on career mentors, giving them unique opportunities for their own personal growth.

If you love the idea of volunteering with a school near you and you want to be a career mentor, you can apply through Citizen School’s website.

Find Volunteer Opportunities with Create the Good

If you’re not sure mentoring is the right fit, you can also find volunteer opportunities with Children and Youth in your local community. AARP has an excellent resource through their Create the Good program that allows you to search opportunities near you and find information about the program.

Not only can you find timely volunteer opportunities – like today and within the next 30 days – but you can discover remote opportunities so you don’t always have to leave home.

We love how easy their system is to search for amazing local opportunities.

However you choose to give back this year, we think you’ll get a lot of value out of intergenerational volunteering. And they’ll get a lot of value from you, too!