Transform Your Body the Healthy Way

Have you always wanted to be in better shape?

Want to continue to move better and more easily as you get older?

Exercise can be your literal secret weapon when it comes to aging well. Not only does it help you build strength and improve your bone density, it can also improve your cognition.

Last year, we took a look at Joan Macdonald and her amazing transformation. Not only did her health improve, but she became a 75 year-old fitness influencer.

While you may not want to gain millions of Instagram followers, you might want to make getting healthier your goal for 2023.

If that’s the case, we have your newest nutrition and exercise bible – Thinner Leaner Stronger and Bigger Leaner Stronger.

Learn How to Eat and Exercise Sustainably

Chances are you’ve tried a lot of the fad diets over the last few decades. And I bet few of them really stuck.


Because to get healthier and lose weight, you have to make real lifestyle changes.

Personal trainers love the women’s Thinner Leaner Stronger and men’s Bigger Leaner Stronger from fitness guru Michael Matthews because it’s not about the quick fix. It’s learning how to live your life the healthiest you can.

He even broke them up in men’s and women’s editions to account for our different physiology.

Getting Healthy Isn’t as Hard as You Think

In his books, Matthews teaches that getting healthier isn’t all about “clean eating” and spending hours in the gym every day.

Instead, he teaches you:

  • How to create meal plans for losing fat and building muscle without feeling deprived
  • The biggest fitness mistakes we’ve all made
  • The primary driver of healthy muscle growth
  • And 12 months of strength-training workouts

Make Health Your Top 2023 Priority

As Joan taught us, it’s never too late to make our health our top priority. So what are you waiting for?

Grab your copy of Thinner Leaner Stronger or Bigger Leaner Stronger and learn how to fuel your body and build strength that will help you age better.

Best of all? It’s totally doable!

Grab your copy and our favorite fitness gear, and let’s kick off 2023 right!