Winding Up the Clock with Joan MacDonald

A few weeks ago, we talked about Joan and her amazing training programs for us older gals. I started my own journey with her and I can tell you that it is a real workout. I am feeling all of the movements that Michelle, Joan’s daughter, is leading me through. It’s convenient, priced right 🙂 and it works! I can’t recommend this enough.

Joan’s story is inspiring, especially because she didn’t really start her health journey until she was 70! It’s incredible to see the progress she’s made over the last five years and how it’s helped her health.

It’s Never Too Late for Change

When she started her health and fitness journey, Joan was 70, 5’3”, 198lb and had a 39” waist. She was on medication for high blood pressure and acid reflux. She suffered from edema in her ankles, painful arthritis, and had difficulty walking up and down stairs.

When her doctors wanted to up her medications, Joan knew she needed a change.

Her daughter Michelle came to her, emotional over her mom’s declining health, and told Joan that she needed to make a change. Either choose to go down the same path and wind up on more medication and in worse health, or join Michelle and work with her and her online community to change habits and take the best possible care of themselves.

With the help of her community, Joan made a massive 180. She renewed her gym membership, learned to use an iPhone, got a food scale and a measurement tape, and started the tough journey of change.

joan macdonald results with her daughter michelle
Courtesy Joan MacDonald

Let’s be real – change is hard! And at 70, it can feel even tougher. Though Joan wanted to give up many days, she stuck to her guns and kept working at her own pace. The weight and inches started to fall off, her confidence in the gym was growing, and she learned in her community that they could all cheer each other on.

Most importantly, she learned how to fuel her body, eating 5 balanced meals each day and pushed herself past even her wildest dreams of what her goals were.

You can’t turn back the clock, but you can wind it up again.”

Joan Macdonald

Joan went from doing simple cardio to learning how to lift weights to learning how to barbell squat and hip-thrusting over 200lbs.

What’s more – Joan has dropped 55lbs and is now medication free!

The 75 Year-Old Fitness Influencer

joan three year transformation
Courtesy Joan MacDonald

As exercise and nutrition saved her life, Joan has not only helped others like myself, but her journey has inspired so many! She began to share her progress and her mindset shifts with others. And they took notice! She now boasts 1.5 million followers on Instagram, 69,000 subscribers on YouTube and has been featured by Ageist, AARP, New York Post, and Glamour magazine.

Joan truly is the embodiment of her catchphrase – “It’s never too late to change your life.”