Increase Your Footprint with Trekology Trek Z Hiking Poles

We’re all about getting out and moving this month. After all, a key component of having a great Third Age is maintaining our health and being active! We explored a high-tech way to get outside last week with an EBike, but this week we’re heading the opposite direction.

If you love to walk and hike, you might notice it can cause strain on your knees, joints, or just be a bit more exhausting (especially if you’re dealing with any hills and muddy areas). To make that easier, we absolutely love these inexpensive foldable hiking poles from Trekology.

These poles come in a pair and in two different sizes to fit anyone’s height. If you’ve not used walking poles on your hikes in the past, they are great to add an upper body component to your workout while also helping to prevent knee injury, support extra weight, and make walking even easier. They’re also great to whack people with if they get too close. 😉

Foldable to Take Anywhere

If you have used hiking poles in the past, you know that they can take up a lot of space and be annoying to carry with you, especially if you only want to use them on part of your hike. We love that these fold up and come in their own carry bag that can be slide into a backpack. They take up less than 15” of space, which makes them a breeze to keep in your trunk or carry until you’re ready to use them.

They won’t add a lot of weight to your backpack or bag either. They weigh less than the average umbrella!

More Durable than Regular Hiking Poles

Don’t let their construction and the $39.99 price tag fool you either. These Trek Z hiking poles are created with 100% aerospace grade 7075 aluminum that is stronger and more durable than carbon fiber poles.

They have over 2,700 five star reviews on Amazon, so we definitely think these are worth the investment!