Our Top 3 Non-Slip Yoga Mats

It’s no secret that we enjoy yoga and find it one of our favorite ways to stay in shape. Even if you don’t want to delve into the world of Laughter Yoga, traditional yoga can be a fantastic way to strengthen your bones, reduce stress, improve your sleeping habits, enhance your mobility and strength, and alleviate aches and pains (among many others!).

One of the main problems we hear from others though is not knowing which mat to buy or the fear of slipping on it once you start sweating.

We couldn’t pick just one product this week because they’re all amazing! Each of these mats offer non-slip technology and come highly rated. Let’s dig in!

warrior yoga mat

Warrior Mat

This mat is beloved by yoga experts for its perfectly cushioned joint support, anti-odor, and dry-wicking technology. The best part for us? The fact that it’s slip free – wet or dry! The oversize design helps you to stay on the mat, too.

We also love that these mats are made with ethically sourced, all-natural rubber, which helps to keep them supple and dry-wicking far longer than other mats. 

Plus they’re fun! They come in 10 colors to match your personality.

These mats are a bit heavier than a traditional yoga mat and at $100 they are the most expensive on our list, but we think the price is worth it if you’re going to practice yoga on a regular basis.

Yoloha Travel Cork Yoga Mat

If you like taking your own yoga mat with you – to classes or on vacation – then we think this natural cork yoga mat from Yoloha is perfect!

It also provides great grip, whether you’re wet or dry, and is antimicrobial. Made with sustainable cork, this mat is made for travel – rolling up to oly 2.5”. The thin, natural rubber bottom keeps it durable and grips to any surface. This is a perfect mat to take with you to an outdoor class or when you want to practice some yoga on the beach (now that sounds dreamy!).

We particularly love how well the cork makes you feel secure during your practice on the top, but the rubber grip keeps you secure on the surface you’re practicing. It is a little on the thin side, so if you need a thicker mat this may not be the one for you. 

yoloha travel cork yoga mat
HeathYoga Body Alignment System Mat

HeathYoga Body Alignment System Mat

Are you newer to yoga or just a little less confident with your forms? We absolutely love the HeathYoga mat because it comes with markings to help keep your body aligned!

In most yoga classes, you’ll have an instructor to adjust and fix your form, but this mat can help you whether you’re practicing at home or in the park. The Body Alignment System helps to keep your hands and feet in the right position for accurate alignment.

This mat is also a little thicker and longer, which is great for new practitioners or if you just need that extra support. Like the other mats, this one is also slip-free and odorless. It’s also the cheapest option on our list at just $35 and it comes in seven duo-tone colors so you’ll be able to match your own personality. We highly recommend this mat for beginners especially.