Yoga that Embraces the Healing Power of Laughter

This may seem a little odd, we know, but did you know that laughter has some amazing health benefits?

When paired with an aerobic exercise like yoga, it can bring more oxygen to the body and brain which not only makes you feel healthier and more energetic, but also strengthens your immune system!

What is Laughter Yoga?

That’s exactly what Laughter Yoga looks to take advantage of! Their revolutionary techniques help everyone find the joy in life again with proven exercise techniques.

With their guided classes and routines, Laughter Yoga helps you:

  • Laugh without humor, jokes, or comedy and you might even feel the benefits in the first session!
  • Initiate real, contagious laughter within a group. You’ll need to be comfortable with embracing your childlike playfulness, but we promise it’s worth it.
  • Deep breathing exercises from yoga and laughter exercises oxygenates the body and brain.

It may seem a little silly to work on laughing while you stretch, but clinical research shows it can make a huge difference in your body’s health, including drops in blood pressure and stress levels. Who doesn’t want that?

Finding Laughter Yoga Near You

Laughter Yoga is still newer in a few areas, but you might be able to find a Laughter Club near you. Many members like to meet for 1-2 hours every week or so and work on laughter, breathing, and stretching exercises for 30 minutes or so. You can find a Laughter Club near you, or join an online Laughter Club to get started on this amazing journey!

If you love it, you can even start your own group. We love the idea of people coming back together to work on expressing and reveling in true joy.